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    2019 Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo The 27th Guangzhou Expo
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2019-09-05
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    Author: 广东跨采
    Display areaThe city exhibition areas of Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao all use special display. Next year, Israel will organize more quality enterprises to come to the exhibition.

    On August 26th, the secretariat of the Haisi Expo held a results conference to inform the results of the four-day exhibition. Deputy Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Commerce Chen Yuehua, Secretary General of the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Wei Min, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Liu Zewu, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Liao Yuxun, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Cooperation Office attended the results conference.

    This year's Expo is summarized as follows: high level of specifications, high quality of exhibitions, high degree of internationalization, and fruitful exchanges and cooperation.


    First, the specification level is high

    The main leaders of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attended the opening ceremony. The current or former national leaders of five countries including Tonga, Ethiopia, South Korea, Nepal, and Thailand, eight foreign provincial and ministerial officials, leaders of several national ministries, and domestic and foreign academicians. Well-known experts and scholars attended the opening ceremony, the tour hall, the theme forum, and the sub-forums. The specifications of the exhibition and theme forums were the highest in history.


    Second, the exhibition quality is high

    Highlighted in several ways:

    First, overseas exhibitors are better. The participation of many well-known overseas brands has effectively promoted the quality of the Expo.

    For example, the Indian pavilion has India's largest travel agency, Glorious Travel Agency, the largest fashion lifestyle company, Inceptra Lifestyle, and the Indian aristocratic brand Ishatvam; Georgia's Tianan Bumi The Lad Group has a history of 60 years; Malaysia's Baole Tea Planting Co., Ltd. (BOH) is the country's largest tea producer and exporter, and Mommy Dabaoda Food (M) Co., Ltd. is a well-known listed company; Indonesian fire The Boat Group is the country's largest coffee company; Israel's Ahava (AHAVA) is the country's national treasure skin care brand.

    There are also many exhibits at this fair, such as the linseed oil and maple juice in Canada, and the latex pillow in the pure natural latex center in Thailand

    Second, the technology content is higher. The Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District Urban Exhibition Area, which was first set up in this expo, fully demonstrated the technological innovation strength of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau's Dawan District to exhibitors and buyers from all over the world

    Exhibitors include Guangzhou GAC, Zhuhai Gree, Huizhou TCL, Dongguan VIVO and OPPO and other leading manufacturing companies, as well as black technology and sophisticated products, such as Guangzhou's digital naked eye VR 3D interactive cinema, AR Interactive and participatory display projects such as streaming and 3Dmapping show have attracted the support of countless technology enthusiasts and related cooperative enterprises.

    In addition, there are the first fully self-developed light helicopter full-motion simulator Robinson R22, Lubang 5G dynamic control bionic robot, the world's first intelligent perforated screen hybrid mechanical pointer watch, intelligent fire extinguishing robot and many other high-tech products, as well as black. High-tech companies such as Ge Technology, Mailun Technology, Kangyun Technology, Jingxin Technology, and Leyuan Technology have become the highlights of this exhibition.

    The theme forum held at the Baiyun Convention Center also invited GAC, Xiaopeng Auto, Digital, Jiadu Technology and other companies to showcase the latest new energy vehicles, VR technology products and smart city solutions to promote Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Emerging industries such as district artificial intelligence and new energy vehicles have accelerated the expansion of the “Belt and Road” market

    Third, the content of the event is rich and colorful. In just one and a half days, the theme forum held at the Baiyun International Convention Center organized a conference and six sub-forums on the theme of “high-level cooperation and high-quality development”, involving technological innovation, business environment construction, and green production. Integration, financing, humanities and other fields. At the site of the Canton Fair, there were 5 supporting activities including 5 exchange promotion activities, 23 cultural exchange activities, and 17 professional summit forums.

    Among them, the pavilions from all countries and regions used the stage activities area of the national exhibition area along the “Belt and Road” to carry out nearly 20 project promotion, economic and trade negotiations, brand display and cultural performances. The rich and varied activities arranged to enhance the regional cooperation and international exchange functions of the Expo and improve the effectiveness of the exhibition.


    Fourth, the layout of the exhibition area is full of features. In order to achieve better display results, exhibitors attach great importance to on-site layout. The national characteristics and exhibition areas of the national exhibition area along the “Belt and Road” are obvious. The special installation rate is close to 50%, of which 62 countries and regions have set national and regional images. Display area

    The city exhibition areas of Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao all use special display. Many exhibition areas enhance the visual effects and experience by using modern display means such as LED screen, mobile sliding screen and holographic projection.

    Guangdong's poverty alleviation exhibition and other professional exhibitions also use a large number of special exhibitions, and the exhibition area is beautifully set.

    Third, the degree of internationalization is high

    With the advantage of the national center city of Guangzhou, the national exhibition area along the “Belt and Road” has attracted enterprises from 92 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition. The number of participating countries and regions has reached a record high, highlighting the expansion of overseas enterprises by using the platform of Haisi Expo. The Chinese market is highly valued. These 92 countries and regions have the following characteristics:

    First, the proportion of Asian countries and regions is high. Among the 48 countries and regions in Asia, 41 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, accounting for 85% of the number of Asian countries and regions, accounting for 44.6% of the participating countries and regions, fully reflecting the “Belt and Road” in Guangdong and Guangzhou, especially 21 The position of the hub in the Century Maritime Silk Road.


    Second, exhibitors cover all continents. In addition to Asian countries and regions, there are 24 countries and regions participating in Europe, accounting for 26% of the participating countries and regions; 8 countries and regions in Africa and Oceania participated respectively, and 7 and 4 in South America and North America respectively. The participation of countries and regions reflects the further expansion of the international “friend circle” of Haisi Expo and the continuous improvement of international influence.

    Third, the countries and regions along the “One Belt” are actively participating. A total of 25 countries and regions participated in the Expo to participate in the Haisi Expo for the first time, more than a quarter of the participating countries and regions, mainly from the Silk Road economic belts in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, indicating that the Haisi Expo is gradually expanding. For the "Belt and Road" cooperation platform. In addition to the exhibition, the international level of the theme forum has also been continuously improved. The number of participants has jumped from 800 to 1,500 in the previous year. The participants from more than 40 countries and regions cover all continents of the five continents.


    Fourth, the exchange of cooperation and fruitful results

    First, the fruits of economic and trade cooperation have been fruitful. The fair attracted more than 200,000 visitors, including about 50,000 professional buyers. The exhibitors reflected good trading conditions. Exhibitor Norwegian Ryan Health Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Boao Trade Development Co., Ltd., with a contractual amount of 75 million euros (600 million yuan). New Zealand has received an order of 10 million yuan. Not only Guangdong enterprises have gained, but many foreign companies and overseas companies also find partners through the Expo platform. For example, the Thai company PPNK Interfoods Co., Ltd found a US partner at the exhibition site and reached an order of about 500,000 yuan. The Thai Pure Natural Latex Center harvested the Hong Kong Henderson Group's hotels and the same Thailand. The cooperation intention of the company's CP International Trading Co., Ltd.; Thailand's KRS SPICY FOOD Co., Ltd products have been favored by Jordan buyers, and also proposed cooperation needs. Dangdang Materia Medica Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Pingtang County, Qiannan Prefecture, has won an annual contract with the Israeli company to sell 300 million international trade agency business, and has realized Guangzhou enterprises such as Vipshop, Construction Bank, Shanrong E-commerce, Guangzhou Shengjia Supermarket, etc. Cooperation


    Second, the role of international exchanges is outstanding. The theme forum embodies the broad consensus of the international community on the construction of the “Belt and Road”. The guests generally expressed their affirmation and expectation for the “Belt and Road” initiative. The 2020 World Expo in China participated in the China Roadshow (Guangdong Station), which bridged the all-round communication bridge between China and the United Arab Emirates and the two sister cities of Guangzhou and Dubai, enhancing exchanges between the two sides in the areas of economy, trade and modern service. work together. Sub-forum China-South Africa Humanities Exchange Think Tank Forum further consolidates the social and public opinion base of economic and trade cooperation and political mutual trust between China and South Africa. This forum also promoted the cooperation between Fiji Port and Guangzhou Port, as well as the substantial cooperation between the transportation and aviation departments of Southeast Asian countries and the domestic aviation industry. The first academician forum of this year, seven academicians from China, Russia and Canada, jointly promoted the scientific and technological docking of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Dawan District and the “Belt and Road”. Guangzhou Entrepreneur Association and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce jointly hosted the “Entrepreneurship China·2019 Guangzhou Overseas Chinese-Enterprises-ASEAN Enterprise Economic and Trade Exchange Conference” to promote Guangzhou and ASEAN to further deepen all-round cooperation


    The third is to enhance the willingness of overseas companies to cooperate with Guangdong. Through participation in exhibitions, theme forums and city inspections organized by the organizing committee, many overseas business associations and enterprises have further enhanced their understanding of Guangdong, enhanced their desire to participate in the Haisi Expo, and firmly established “business, talks”. Cooperation, to Guangdong's cognition. The person in charge of the China India Exchange Center said that the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District has developed economy, the best business environment quality and strong consumption power, and Indian companies should accelerate their entry into the Chinese market. Peleg, Consul General of the Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou, said that the Haisi Expo is an internationally influential exhibition platform. Next year, Israel will organize more quality enterprises to come to the exhibition. President of the Hong Kong Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Prakash Pan, said that he will continue to participate in the exhibition next year and organize enterprises to come to Guangzhou to conduct economic and trade matchmaking activities


    The fourth is to promote cultural exchanges. In this expo, in addition to the national characteristics of 62 countries and regions, Thailand, Georgia, Brazil, Ghana and other pavilions organized a number of special cultural performances every day, so that they gathered a lot of popularity and helped their domestic enterprises. While gaining more trading opportunities, it also allows the audience to better appreciate the exotic culture.

    More than 1,000 teachers and students from Guangzhou primary and secondary schools visited the exhibition site to learn about the many high-tech products in the exhibition area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and to understand the customs, special products, cultural history and other knowledge of the countries along the Belt and Road. National cultural performances, expanding scientific and technological thinking, and fostering international vision have played a very good educational role.

    Source: Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo

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