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    CTIE 2019 was successfully concluded, and the merchants from 37 countries went to Luoyang Mid-Autumn
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2019-09-25
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    Author: 广东跨采
    The exhibition covers an area of 36,000 square meters, attracting 1000 cultural and tourism enterprises from home and abroad.

    Chinese original blog

    —2019 Second Central Plains Cultural Tourism Industry Expo—



    From September 12th to 15th, the 4th Central China Cultural Tourism Industry Expo came to a close at the Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center. This grand event of the integration of culture and travel shows the charm of poetry and distant counterparts.


    The Expo was jointly sponsored by the Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Luoyang Municipal People's Government. Luoyang Lufa Group and Guangdong Cross-Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly hosted the “1+N” layout for the first time, at the main venue Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center and the Luoyang Museum. The ancient city of Luoyang and other places were held at the same time, showing the colorful products of Caizhongyuan, Sui and Tang Grand Canal, the capital of the museum, the wisdom of the cultural travel, the book of the city, the non-legacy, the “Belt and Road” international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is a collection of boutiques that attracts domestic and foreign tourists to come to Luo to share the cultural tourism event.

    Guangdong Cross-Exhibition Co., Ltd. has been the organizer of the “One Belt, One Road International Pavilion” for the two consecutive sessions of the China Original Expo, and has attracted investment, booth construction and exhibition activities for the “One Belt, One Road” International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pavilions. The preparatory work is precisely deployed, and precise positioning and comprehensive monitoring are implemented to ensure that the exhibition is safe, efficient and smoothly organized.


    Wonderful review of the exhibition

    >>>Opening Ceremony<<<

    The exhibition site is wonderful! ! !

    The exhibition covers an area of 36,000 square meters, attracting 1000 cultural and tourism enterprises from home and abroad. More than 10,000 kinds of exhibits cover cultural and creative products, food, beverages, specialty agricultural products, electronic products, motor homes, etc., which are divided into A and B. C three exhibition halls and an outdoor exhibition area, the outdoor exhibition area displays tourist equipment such as RVs and tents.


    Cultural Tourism Industry Complex


    The Cultural Tourism Industry Complex (A Hall), located on the first floor of the Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center, comprehensively displays the development of the cultural tourism industry in the Central Plains, the achievements of the literary and literary people, and the ancient civilization, industrial civilization and ecological literature of Luoyang.

    The whole hall is divided into Caizhong Zhongyuan Exhibition Area, Grand Canal Cultural Belt Key City Exhibition Area, Cultural Travel Integration Exhibition Area, Global Tourism Exhibition Area, Smart Tourism Exhibition Area, Creative Design Trade Exhibition Area, Non-legacy Area, Shuxiang Mancheng Exhibition Area, Service Function Area and so on.


    - Exhibition site atlas -

    Cultural Tourism Industry Complex


    Located in the “Belt and Road” International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pavilion (B Hall) on the 5th floor of Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition area is about 10,000 square meters, and it is gathered in 37 countries and regions including Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Germany, Australia, South Korea and Ghana. Merchants exhibiting.

    The exhibits are dazzling, and the cultures of the world are colliding and blending here to attract tourists. 



    Among the foreign businessmen who participated in the conference last year, 70% of the exhibitors participated again this year. They hope to use this as a platform to spread the smooth road of economic and cultural exchanges. Malaysia is the guest country of this year's “Belt and Road” international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pavilions, and organized more than 20 companies to participate in Luoyang, which is twice the number of exhibitors last year. “We are attracted by the warm and hospitable people of Luoyang and are attracted by the international and professional exhibition platform here,” said Cai Baoqiang, president of the Malaysian “Belt and Road” committee.

    At 16:00 on September 12th, the 2nd Belt and Road International Buyers Fair of the 2nd Central Plains Cultural Tourism Industry Expo was held concurrently. Wang Bin, deputy secretary-general of the Luoyang Municipal People's Government, Hu Dapeng, director of the Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, Cai Baoqiang, chairman of the Malaysian “Belt and Road” committee, and Yulin Melvin, vice chairman of the ASEAN-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tourism Promotion Committee, Henan Representatives from 18 cities and Luoyang cultural tourism enterprises from Spain, Italy, the United States, Germany, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the United States and Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other 25 countries along the “Belt and Road” 50 international buyers participated in the fair.


    Luoyang featured travel exhibition area


    The C Pavilion, located on the first floor of the Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center, has a photography exhibition, a writing of the original exhibition, a painting of the original exhibition, a collection of Wu Zetian, a Chinese original exhibition, a Lego robot, etc., to create a different cultural tourism experience for the majority of tourists.


    This cultural travel event

    Achieved impressive results

    Just 4 days

    53,000 visitors from inside and outside the city

    The total amount of on-site transactions reached 62 million yuan

    “Belt and Road” International Sourcing Fair

    Signed $470 million

    Luoyang City Cultural Tourism Industry Investment Cooperation Fair

    The total investment is 12.253 billion yuan


    This impressive transcript

    Can not do without the strong care of the municipal government

    Can not do without the trust support of the Municipal Bureau of Tourism

    Inseparable from the sincerity of merchants everywhere

    Can't do without the cooperation of the company

    Inseparable from the enthusiasm of the citizens

    Also inseparable

    Guangdong cross mining

    Hardworking, practical, united

    (The word "exaggeration" is omitted here.

    Little friends


    Fixed moment

    Let us revisit the day and night fighting together.

    Good grades

    Let us know the sweat and the night that passed through

    Trust in shoulders

    Let us feel the youth of the fire, the life of the gorgeous

    CTIE, we will meet again!

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