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    Exotic boutiques dress up the Zhengzhou Fair, across the country to bring multinational companies
    Category: 跨采新闻
    Date: 2019-09-26
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    Author: 广东跨采
    On October 12th, the 23rd Zhengzhou National Commodity Fair (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou Fair) was successfully opened. Guangdong Cross-Exhibition Co., Ltd. organized multi-national brand exhibitors, and the entire imported goods exhibition area was star-studded.


    On October 12th, the 23rd Zhengzhou National Commodity Fair (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou Fair) was successfully opened. The Zhengzhou Fair is a national large-scale consumer economic and trade event hosted by the People's Government of Henan Province, the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government and the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce. The Zhengzhou Fair was held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center with a total construction area of 227,600 square meters. The exhibition area of 74,000 square meters accommodates more than 1,000 exhibiting brands, and many powerful brands are competing to enter.


    The 20-nation brand is stationed, and the imported goods exhibition area is star-studded.


    The Zhengzhou Trade Fair will divide 10 theme exhibition areas, including imported goods, e-commerce, smart home, fishing gear and fishing equipment, tea and tea sets, auto supplies, specialty foods, ethnic goods, jewelry, and automobiles. Especially worth mentioning is the imported goods exhibition area. The exhibition area of the Commodity Exhibition Area of the Zhengzhou Fair has achieved new breakthroughs, reaching 17,000 square meters. As a company specializing in the international exhibition of large-scale exhibitions, Guangdong Cross-Exhibition Co., Ltd. has organized countries from Japan, Germany, France, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Poland, etc. The international brand exhibitors in the region, the star-studded exhibition area of the entire imported goods, firmly grasped the eyes of more than half of the audience.


    Deyitang from Japan


    Kangbach from Germany


    France's Bol St. Chateau Winery, France, French Louis Winery


    Earl Lafite Wine Co., Ltd. from France, French Campanula Winery


    Ten County Trading Co., Ltd., Korea Qingyu Agriculture Co., Ltd.


    Singapore Golden Tiger Trading Co., Ltd. from Singapore


    Russian Cedar Trade Co., Ltd. from Russia


    Thai Tai Shu International Co., Ltd. from Thailand


    Malaysian Chaoyang Bird's Nest Co., Ltd. from Malaysia, LINACO FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD


    From the Malaysian Le Honey Language Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., Perfect food manufacturing (m) sdn bhd


    Guangnan Agarwood from Vietnam


    Indonesian Yamei Trading Co., Ltd. from Indonesia


    Exotic products have been unveiled and become the focus of attention


    The international exhibitors of the imported goods exhibition area of Guangdong Cross-harvesting Organization have brought a wide range of extra-territorial exhibits, such as clothing, casual food, daily necessities, and characteristic handicrafts, so that the people in the Central Plains can’t see each other. Exotic products of exotic countries and regions.



    Everywhere is the imported goods exhibition area for everyone, everyone, everyone.


    Each booth is crowded with curious viewers


    The crowds on the scene, the audience opened the buy and buy model


    The people who watched the exhibition said that although they usually travel abroad and buy foreign goods, they can buy foreign special products that they can't see in Zhengzhou without leaving their homes. They can eat and use them, and the price is not expensive. The quality is good and people are very happy. Many of the audience who have been shopping for a whole day, carrying their shoulders and carrying them on their shoulders, are almost all special products from foreign countries.


    A wide range of extra-territorial exhibits let the audience linger


    Some girls who love Haitao went straight to the exhibition area in the exhibition center. Cosmetics, food, clothes, jewelry, bags and so on, the girls seemed to have entered the shopping park and could afford to buy.


    The four-day Zhengjia Fair will continue!

    The 20-nation style boutique promises you at the scene!

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