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    The 26th Guangbo Fair ended smoothly, and the scale of the “three exhibitions” undertaken by Guangdo
    Category: 跨采新闻
    Date: 2019-09-26
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    Author: 广东跨采
    The 26th Guangbo Fair ended smoothly, and the scale of the “three exhibitions” undertaken by Guangdong Ksourcing has reached a record high.

    The four-day 26th Guangzhou Expo ended yesterday. The total exhibition area of this year's Expo will be nearly 150,000 square meters, with about 8,000 booths, including the domestic friendly city exhibition, international city and commodity exhibition, Guangzhou city construction and famous product exhibition, and the 2018 Guangzhou restaurant chain exhibition. 20 professional exhibitions such as 2018 Guangzhou·Taiwan Commodities Fair and 2018 China (Guangzhou) International Senior Health Industry Expo.


     Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd., as a professional exhibition company with nearly 10 years of experience in group exhibitions, undertakes a comprehensive exhibition of this year's Expo: International City and Commodities Exhibition and 2 professional exhibitions: 2018 Guangzhou·Taiwan Commodities Expo Health Museum, 2018 China (Guangzhou) International Senior Health Industry Expo), organized 28 international friendship cities and more than 35 domestic provinces and cities to send delegations to participate in the conference. The exhibition area, scale and number of participating cities and regions have reached a new level of history. According to major media reports: In the major exhibition halls of this year's Expo, the International City and Commodities Exhibition, the Taiwan Commodities Expo Health Museum, and the Elderly Health Exhibition are the most popular.


    4.2 International City and Commodities Exhibition: Global specialty agricultural products attract Lao Guang to “sweep the goods”


    This year's International City and Commodities Fair has 450 booths in Hall A of this year's Guangbo Fair. This is the second consecutive year that  Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. has undertaken the recruitment and promotion of the museum, and invited Malaysia and France. 28 countries including Australia, Australia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Taiwan participated in the exhibition, showing the overall image of the country and the famous products such as agricultural and sideline products, jewelry, leather goods and handicrafts. Here, citizens can not only taste Australian red wine, Indonesian chocolate, Vietnamese coffee, but also Pakistani jade crafts, Polish amber, African crafts, Korean cosmetics... Every year, I will come and visit and buy the special products of various countries. A large number of exhibits from exhibitors from all over the world were swept away by the enthusiasm of the old, and some of the replenishment processes were posted outside the pavilion. According to a Malaysian exhibitor, the Expo is a very good showcase, and every exhibit is in short supply. For example, 1 kilogram of Malaysian oatmeal, 100 yuan can buy three cans, very popular with the public.


    5.2 Pavilion EldEerly Health Industry Expo: (EldExpoGuangzhou has become the benchmark for the national pension exhibition


    Guided by the Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Guangzhou Collaboration Office, and the Guangzhou Municipal Working Committee, the 2018 Second China (Guangzhou) International EldEerly Health Industry Expo hosted by Guangdong Trans Mining Exhibition Co., Ltd. was held in Hall 5.2, Area A. For the second time, the old fair will be included in the professional exhibition. The exhibition area of the old fair is over 10,800 square meters, and it is divided into intelligent retirement, medical integration and old-age care services, medical equipment and equipment, elderly healthy living aids, and old homes. After three days of exhibitions and various forum activities, it attracted nearly 200 domestic and foreign exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors, and achieved an on-site turnover of 8.36 million yuan, an intent contract amount of 73 million yuan and 685 million yuan. The project signed a contract to establish a weather vane for the elderly health industry in Guangzhou.

    After attending the opening ceremony and summit forum of the Guangzhou Old Expo, Party Jun Wu, the deputy director of the China Aging Science Research Center, said: "The Guangzhou Old Expo is not simple, although it is only the second, but in the national senior exhibition, regardless of the scale, exhibitors The level and the popularity of the scene and the effect of the transaction are among the forefront. I think that the old-age health exhibition in Guangzhou has the advantage of natural industry. Foshan, Dongguan and Shenzhen have gathered a large number of production enterprises focusing on old-age products and equipment, plus Guangzhou as a thousand-year capital, since ancient times Since then, it has become a place for businesses to compete, and has a world-leading exhibition platform such as the Guangbo Fair and the Canton Fair. The old companies in the country must make good use of this platform."


    Hong Wenchao, general manager of the Guangdong Expo Cross-Exhibition Co., Ltd., said: "The Expo will serve as an incubator for small and medium-sized exhibitions in Guangzhou, providing a good platform and opportunity for the development of the old fair. Last year, the first Guangzhou After the successful hosting of the old fair, it has also been held in two cities, Xiaogan and Luoyang. The advantages and experience of the 26th year of the Expo have been used to make the brand out of the old fair, except for Xiaogan and Luoyang. The company also plans to copy the old Expo to Changsha, Guilin and other places."


    3.1 Guangzhou·Taiwan Commodities Fair: the first set of senior health section


    Taiwan is one of the most developed areas in Asia's pension industry. The Health Industry Pavilion is the highlight of this Taiwan Expo. It was established for the first time to promote cross-strait health industry exchanges and promote the development of cross-strait health industry. Exhibition Co., Ltd. undertakes. The total exhibition area is 6000, and there are plans for medical equipment exhibition area, rehabilitation aids exhibition area, intelligent old-age exhibition area, and 7 booths. Guangdong cross-cutting organizations have participated in the participation of Taiwan-based old enterprises such as Chengda Technology, Jiaxin Medical, Fuling Technology, Duo International, and North Tetra Yin, focusing on Taiwan's advanced medical aids, intelligent health management equipment and medical services. The care system will continue to promote the interaction and cooperation between the Guangdong and Taiwan health industries while bringing health industry exchanges across the Taiwan Strait. During the four-day exhibition period, about 36,000 visitors entered the hall, and the on-site transaction amount of about 2.58 million yuan and the intention contract amount of about 6.36 million yuan were reached.

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