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    Come see it! This healthy pension match will be hot!
    Category: 行业动态
    Date: 2019-09-26
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    Author: 广东跨采
    On June 26th, the 16th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair Health and Elders Project Supply and Demand Procurement Matchmaking Meeting was successfully held in Guangzhou.

    On June 26th, the 16th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair Health and Elders Project Supply and Demand Procurement Matchmaking Meeting was successfully held in Guangzhou. Nearly 100 representatives of elites in the industry, experts, scholars and representatives of the elderly industry attended the meeting and actively exchanged ideas for the development of the old-age industry.


    Based on the China Expo, the docking will be based in Guangdong and facing the whole country. It will build a platform for the supply and demand of advanced pension products, technologies and services, and create conditions for the development of the elderly health industry. The Docking Association also provides services such as policy interpretation, technical exchange, and supply and demand docking for the common problems in the development of SMEs in the elderly industry, and helps the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises.


    Chen Wenguang, President of Guangzhou Aged Care Service Industry Association, attended the meeting and delivered a speech


    Consultant of Guangzhou Aged Service Industry Association and Project Commissioner of China Supporting Foundation Foundation Li Junhua


    Executive Director of Guangdong Old Age Industry Association Zhang Haofu

    Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Smart Retirement Promotion Association Yan Fangfang

    Secretary-General of Guangdong Provincial Pension Service Association


    Executive Executive President of Guangdong Aging Industry Association, General Manager of Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd.Hong Wenchao


    Concentrated delegates


    At the docking meeting, representatives from four different companies made company or product sharing.


    ▲ Zhou Bin, deputy general manager of Yungu Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “Yungu Guardian Wisdom Pension” at the meeting. He stressed that it is necessary to provide services for the elderly through intelligent means such as technical means such as face recognition. At the same time, it also proposes to be a smart and safe community to build a community of pension and smart services.


    ▲ Huang Fei, sales manager of Jiulong Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in South China, highlighted the newly developed three medical device products, such as electric wheelchairs, to help the elderly solve problems such as inconvenience.


    ▲ Li Wenyong, deputy general manager of Guangdong Qilin Pension Health Industry Co., Ltd. said that the company is opening the chain of ESCORT颐Cisco home aging design and transformation “100-city thousand stores”.


    ▲Huo Minghui, Director of Planning and Marketing Department of Guangdong Yipin Leshan Health Management Co., Ltd. introduced the company's nursing talent training case, the ageing care product store model and the overall solution for the demented elderly in the lecture “Comprehensive Platform for the Development of the Industry Chain of the Aged Industry” .


    One of the highlights of the matchmaking meeting was the high frequency of docking. Many initial “matching” organizations have conducted “one-on-one” in-depth negotiations. According to statistics, nearly 100 companies, institutions, hospitals, communities, industry associations and other institutions involved in the docking have received more docking information. These docking information mainly focuses on pension services, smart pension, smart medical care, community pension, and appropriate Old transformation and other fields.


    The Docking Association will be hosted by China International SMEs Expo Affairs Bureau, China International Geriatric Health Industry Expo Organizing Committee, Guangdong Aging Industry Association, Guangdong Pension Service Association, and Guangzhou Pension Service Industry Association.

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