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    What issues cannot be ignored when conducting overseas contractor solicitation?
    Category: 行业动态
    Date: 2019-09-26
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    Author: 广东跨采
    What problems can not be ignored when carrying out the work of professional overseas buyers?

    The continuous upgrading of competition between industries has caused the term “exhibition” to appear frequently in the eyes of modern people. The essential part before the exhibition is the invitation of buyers, especially the invitation of overseas buyers. Many social groups habitually estimate the effectiveness of the exhibition through the number of invitations from buyers, especially from overseas buyers. As a company specialized in foreign buyers' invitations and procurement fairs, Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. reminds you: What problems can not be ignored when conducting professional overseas buyers' invitations?


    First, is the question of whether the invitation method used is sincere?


    Most of the purpose of the company's overseas buyers is to invite more professional overseas buyers to visit and negotiate in their own showrooms, thus expanding their overseas business. The more professional overseas buyers are invited, the higher the popularity value brought to the enterprise and the greater the probability of cooperation. However, it does not mean that every overseas buyer invited can come to the exhibition hall of the company. Therefore, when the international buyer is invited to work, the issue of invitation can not be ignored. Try to find a way to reflect the sincerity of the company. The company's booth address and launch time will be notified to each invited overseas buyer.


    Second, the problem of the traffic route to the exhibition site 

    In addition to establishing contacts with customers through communication tools such as telephones, overseas buyers often send a paper invitation letter to reflect their sincerity. For some overseas buyers, there may have been many experiences in participating in the same type of exhibition. Even so, in order to successfully carry out the overseas buyer's invitation work, it is necessary to include the details of the arrival at the exhibition site. Traffic road map and floor plan of the pavilion.


    The above is an introduction to the issues that cannot be ignored when conducting the work of overseas buyers. The attitude of the overseas buyers to invite the work will directly affect the quantity and quality of the invited overseas buyers. Therefore, when conducting the work of overseas buyers, they should be as careful as possible to strive to leave a deep and good for overseas buyers. impression.

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