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    Chengdu 2019 South Asia Procurement Trade Fair
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2019-10-11
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    Author: 广东跨采
    On September 23, the “2019 Chengdu South Asia Procurement Trade Expo” was held in Chengdu International Trade City.


    On September 23, the “2019 Chengdu South Asia Procurement Trade Expo” was held in Chengdu International Trade City. More than 100 international buyers from 20 countries and cities including Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Romania, Moldova, the United States, and Colombia have gathered in the Taurus area.


    Since the “pilot” was officially launched, the pilot export commodities are being sold at a high growth rate of 30% to countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Singapore and Chile. At the expo, the buyers expect the value of the purchased goods to exceed 30 million US dollars, equivalent to about 200 million yuan.


    At the fair, Ms. Chanida, General Manager of Earthbound, Thailand, Mr. Zeng Guoqiang, General Manager of Chengdu Yuqingtang Trading Co., Ltd., and Mr. Huang Junxiang, General Manager of Chengdu Zhongyu Daoyang Trading Co., Ltd. shared the purchasing experience in Chengdu International Trade City, Chengdu Zhongsi Guotai Trade Ltd. and Sri Lanka HOMECARECHEMICALS (PVT) LTD (company), Chengdu Yuqingtang commerce limited liability company and Singapore ZYHEALTHYGROWTHPTE.LTD (company), Sichuan Chengtai Nanxiang International Trade Co., Ltd. and Chengdu International Trade City held a contract signing activity.


    “2019 Chengdu South Asia Procurement Trade Expo” was hosted by Chengdu Municipal People's Government, Chengdu Business Bureau and Chengdu Jinniu District People's Government. It is the special event of the 3rd China Western International Expo Import and Export Commodities Exhibition in West China (Sichuan) International Investment Conference. .


    In the afternoon, Chengdu International Trade City also held targeted business matching activities for this expo, the release of new clothing and apparel, and the introduction of superior products for exhibitors, providing direct and efficient procurement guidance for domestic and foreign buyers. At the same time, in order to promote the promotion of the market procurement trade pilot, Chengdu International Trade City also invited a professional third-party foreign trade service organization to provide a solid backing for foreign trade activities of domestic and foreign merchants.



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