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    China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair
    Category: 国外采购商邀约&洽谈会组织
    Date: 2019-10-14
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    Author: 广东跨采
    The first exhibition of Chinese cultural industry.


    The basic situation of the exhibition: the first exhibition of Chinese cultural industry

    China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (referred to as "Civil Fair") by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (National Press and Publication Administration, National Film Bureau), Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, National Radio and Television Co-sponsored by the General Administration, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangdong Provincial People's Government and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, jointly organized by Shenzhen Newspaper Group, Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group, Shenzhen Publishing Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair. It is the only national-level, international and comprehensive cultural industry expo trade fair in China. With the core of expo and transaction, it is committed to building a trading platform for Chinese cultural products and projects, promoting and stimulating the development of Chinese cultural industries, and actively promoting the trend of Chinese cultural products. The world is known as the "first exhibition of Chinese cultural industry."


    As a national exhibition in Shenzhen, since its establishment in 2004, the Fair has been highly concerned by the party and state leaders, leaders at all levels, and all walks of life. Since the first ICIF, party and state leaders Wang Yang, Hu Chunhua, Huang Kunming, Zhang Dejiang, Li Changchun, Liu Yunshan, Liu Qizhen, Li Tieying, Liu Yandong, Chen Zhili, Bai Lizhen, Sun Jiazheng and Li Weiwei have repeatedly visited the main exhibition hall of the ICIF. In January 2010, the Central Propaganda Department took the lead in setting up the “Civil Fair Coordination Leading Group”, and established a three-level linkage exhibition mechanism specially organized by the organizer to guide the contractor, the Shenzhen Municipal Department to coordinate the contractor, and the ICIF company. In terms of domestic group exhibitions, the ICIF has achieved participation in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for nine consecutive years. In terms of overseas investment, 101 countries and regions of the 14th Cultural Expo participated in various activities of the ICIF. The transaction volume and export turnover of the exhibition increased year by year.


    Exhibition theme:

    ● Eternal theme: Expo and trading


    Exhibition positioning:

    ● National, international, and comprehensive cultural industry event

    ●The annual review and summary of the achievements of China's cultural industry development

    ●The best display and trading platform for the best cultural products in all parts of the country, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

    ●With the product as the carrier and culture as the content, the cultural export trade platform with the Chinese culture "going out" as the goal

    ● Modernization of exhibition services, marketization of exhibitions, standardization of exhibition management, quality of exhibitions, and international exhibitions with international exhibitions


    Cooperation with Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd.:

    Since 2013, Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. has been entrusted by the organizing committee for the investment promotion exhibition of the Belt and Road International Pavilion for 7 consecutive years. In the same period, it organized several “purchasing fairs” and invited more than 1,000 international buyers. Will visit the purchase.


    2019 Shenzhen Cultural Fair (click on the image for details)

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