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    2019 Japanese pension industry business inspection (April)
    Category: 海外推介&考察交流
    Date: 2019-10-14
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    Author: 广东跨采
    In April, during the season of cherry blossoms, the multinational delegation went to Japan to promote and promote the docking.

    In April, the cherry blossom season, the China International Elderly Health Industry Expo (EldExpo) Organizing Committee - Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd., together with the Guangzhou Pension Service Industry Association, the Guangdong Provincial Pension Service Industry Association, organized the old-age enterprises The cross-national study group went to Japan to conduct publicity and promotion, and to investigate and dock.


    During the trip, the delegation was full of trips, participated in the Osaka Pension Care Fair, and experienced Japanese professional care services, products, technologies and solutions. Visited many local industry associations in Japan to conduct docking exchanges and cooperation negotiations; The old enterprises and industry media invited Japanese companies to connect with China's old-age industry resources through the EldExpo old Expo platform, and reached a preliminary consensus on the promotion and promotion of EldExpo's old fair in the media with the シルバー industry news, シルバー新报 and other media.


    Participate in the Osaka Pension Care Fair

    (Japan's largest combined care and well-being, comprehensive exhibition of chronic disease treatment and home care medical care for the elderly)


    Visiting (Community Society, Legal Person)

    (The largest and most authoritative cognitive impairment association in West Japan)


    Visit the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    (The largest association in West Japan, with 140 years of history and 30,000 members)

    Visit (General Finance Corporation) Osaka International 経済 センタ センタ

    (You can provide free office space for Osaka City Office for half a year for companies that are new to Japan)


    Visiting Love Concier

    (The earliest Japanese pension service brand entering China)


    Visit the Osaka Equipment Exhibition Center ATC Forgetting Center

    (Japan's largest health care, welfare, nursing exhibition)

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