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    China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts and Cultural Products Expo
    Category: “一带一路”文旅&进口商品展
    Date: 2019-10-14
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    Author: 广东跨采
    China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts·Cultural Products Expo: Global cultural gathering, ethnic customs, craftsmanship.


    The global culture is gathered, the ethnic customs are gathered, and the crafts are numerous. From November 15th to 17th, 2013, the China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts and Cultural Products Expo and the 2013 “Golden Sands Back Sand Cup” colorful Guizhou tourism products “two competitions and one meeting” finals were held in Guiyang. This is another cultural event in Guizhou Province after the Ecological Civilization Guiyang International Forum, the 9th Pan-Pearl Conference and the 3rd Wine Expo.


    Ingenious and colorful creative Guizhou

    Since 2006, Guizhou Province has successfully held seven sessions of the colorful Guizhou Tourism Commodities Competition, which has greatly promoted the accelerated development of ethnic folk crafts and minority cultural industries.


    In order to fully demonstrate the advantages of ethnic and folk cultural resources in Guizhou, from 2013, Guizhou Province merged the “Colorful Guizhou Tourism Commodities Exhibition” with the “China·Guizhou National Cultural Industry Fair” and upgraded it to “China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts”. · Cultural Products Expo. The theme of the Expo is “Ingenious and Creative, Creative Guizhou, World Inclusive, and Imagining the Future”. It aims to comprehensively display the world's national folk handicrafts, promote global ethnic cultural exchanges and development, promote the deep integration of tourism and culture, and let “Guizhou Mingchuang” "Guizhou famous craftsmen" have made great achievements in the international arena, and strive to create the most beautiful business cards for Guizhou's characteristic industries to go global.


    From the "two competitions and one meeting" to the international fair, nearly 300 international guests from more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, Oceania and other six continents gathered in Guizhou, and there are world-class national folk craft masters. Well-known experts and scholars, there are traditional handicrafts of ancient civilizations of Egypt and Russia. There are fashion boutiques from France, Malaysia, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and Arab countries, as well as “Guizhou Mingchuang” and “Guizhou Famous Artists”. More than 800 handicraft-related enterprises and merchants at home and abroad, more than 30,000 exhibits participated in the exhibition. International and domestic craft masters on the spot, domestic and foreign folk art boutiques and Guizhou folk arts and crafts boutiques, cultural boutiques with Taiwan Jinghui, a national business card featuring Guizhou business cards in front of the world.


    Guizhou elements are integrated into the world culture

    The Expo and the "two competitions and one meeting" were awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Culture, the United Nations Educational and Cultural Folk Art Organization, the Chinese Arts and Crafts Society, the Chinese Arts and Crafts Museum, the China Copyright Association, the China Etiquette and Leisure Products Industry Association, etc. Strong support from relevant state ministries and commissions and relevant international organizations and industry associations.


    Chen Ping, vice chairman of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural International Organization and chairman of the Chinese region, said with enthusiasm, "There is no doubt, excavation, protection, propaganda, promotion, inheritance, development, innovation... This is the way to survive traditional culture and traditional handicrafts. I am convinced that based on this, the China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts and Cultural Products Expo will become an internationally high-profile event."


    "We hope to use the resources of this institution to build a bridge between culture and friendship between Guizhou and the world, let the world know about Guizhou and let Guizhou go to the world." Ms. Chen Ping said.


    Cooperation between China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts and Cultural Products Expo and Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd.:

    In 2018, China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts and Cultural Products Expo was commissioned by the organizing committee. Guangdong International was responsible for the exhibition, planning and implementation of the international pavilion of this expo, and organized Uganda, Yemen, Iran, Russia and Ghana. 27 countries including India, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Republic of Selqa, Nepal, Pakistan, Italy, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, Kenya, Sudan, United Kingdom, Zambia, Vietnam, South Korea and Madagascar More than 70 cultural enterprises from Hong Kong and Taiwan in China participated in the exhibition.


    2018 China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts and Cultural Products Expo (click image for details)

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