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    Super burning spoiler! Into the blog, the guest country, star products came
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2019-11-11
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    Author: 广东跨采
    More than 3,000 companies from more than 150 countries and regions signed up to participate in the second session of the Expo.

    The footsteps of the second-time import fair, which is attracting worldwide attention, are getting closer. The number of guests in this session has increased from 12 in the first session to 15. In the national exhibition, the new debut of the country is over one-third. In addition to China, the 24 countries made their debut, and 39 countries re-exhibited on five continents. The guest country and the star products of various countries have come through!


    This year, the national exhibition has a total exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. A total of 64 countries (including China) and three international organizations participated in the exhibition. Among them, 15 host countries are Cambodia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Zambia. (in alphabetical order)

    Exhibitors from all over the world showcased goods, technologies and services to achieve “buy global and global benefits”, covering five sectors including equipment, consumption, food, health and service, and seven exhibition areas. More than 3,000 companies from more than 150 countries and regions signed contracts. Exhibitors.

    This year, President Xi Jinping invited French President Mark Long, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis, Jamaican Prime Minister Holnis and Serbian Prime Minister Brna Beach to attend the opening ceremony and related activities of the Expo.


    At present, the theme of the 2nd Hongqiao International Economic Forum and the list of speakers and interactive exchanges have been announced. Compared with the first session, the forum content is more abundant, and the topic setting is more advanced.

    From the 3rd, the Shanghai Port will welcome the peak of the foreign delegations participating in the 2nd Expo.

    Shanghai, ready!


    In the National Exhibition of the Expo, the 15 guest countries have their own characteristics?

    It is only one day since the opening of the second Expo, and the construction of the National Exhibition in Hall 5.2 is nearing completion. Today, the Liberation Daily and Shangguan journalists are the only ones to explore the most "mysterious" exhibition area in the Expo.


    This year, the national exhibition has a total exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. A total of 64 countries (including China) and three international organizations participated in the exhibition. As a concentrated display platform for the development achievements, business environment and characteristic industries of various countries, the image design of each pavilion of the National Exhibition of the Expo is ingenious.

    The booths of 64 countries (including China) and the booths of 3 international organizations can be described as one day. The construction has been completed, and the exhibits have been put on display, waiting for the stunning appearance on November 5.

    Each country's booth has a distinct theme, and each place is full of enthusiasm and urgency for China. Let's take a look at the treasures in each national exhibition area.


    Russian Pavilion: Putin is in the same car

    The pavilion of the Russian pavilion is exquisite and cool. When you look up, the top is shocking and all are stainless steel mirrors. The connection between the mirror and the mirror is basically invisible to the invisible. The key is that the large mirror also has a wave shape, and there are 32 Russian landscape paintings made of acrylic light guide plates. It is necessary to punch holes, punch holes or deform the stainless steel mirror surface, so it is necessary to ensure that the mirror surface is smooth and smooth, which is not difficult for the exhibitor. It can be seen that Russia has taken care of this.

    The booth was bright and bright with the theme of “Made in Russia”. In addition to the eye-catching features of a presidential model, the model of the new MC-21-300 passenger aircraft of the Russian Irkut Group was also presented. The MC-21-300 is a new generation of medium and short-range trunk passenger aircraft capable of accommodating 150-211 passengers. Its first flight was completed on May 28, 2017. It is planned to complete the certification process in 2020 and mass production in 2021. Other helicopter models are also on display at the same time as the aircraft model. According to the exhibitors, these “Made in Russia” are mostly products that are planned to be sold to China. It is also reported that this year Russia will have a deputy ministerial level official.


    The Russian Export Center is responsible for organizing exhibitions in various fields and formulating plans for the participation of Russian exhibitors. The exhibition area will exceed 1,500 square meters in the previous session and will be the main venue for holding various business events, signing ceremonies and meeting with Chinese businessmen. In addition to the agricultural booths, they will also organize business matching B2B activities, which are direct contact between entrepreneurs, in order to help companies to ensure that they have dozens of meetings.


    Cambodia Pavilion: Moved the "Phnom Penh Royal Palace"

    The Cambodia Pavilion is simply moving the Golden Palace of the Golden Triangle to the Jinbian Palace.


    Cambodia closely follows the theme of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the “Cambodia Integrated Investment and Development Pilot Zone” is highly recommended. In Cambodia, this “One Belt, One Road” strategic project covers an area of 360 square kilometers and is the largest and most investment project in Cambodia to date. The Qixing Seaside Resort in the project has a coastline of 90 kilometers, the largest virgin forest in Southeast Asia, and the second largest mangrove reserve in the world, as well as the “most beautiful milk powder beach”. For this project, Cambodia has also built the Seven Star International Airport, which will be open to traffic in 2020.

    The Cambodian side has specially produced some cultural and creative products, which can be presented to the guests for commemoration. Such as a ballpoint pen, one end was poured into the white fine sand in the Cambodian milk powder beach. Another example is a key ring composed of the flags of Cambodia and China, which is customized for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and China in 2018. According to another report, this year the Cambodian Minister of Commerce will lead the team to participate in the Expo.


    Thailand Pavilion: Favorite of food

    The 256-square-meter area of the Thai pavilion is “food innovation”, which reflects Thailand's innovative practices in food, health products, seasonings and cosmetics. There is also a bathtub in the “mix and match” of these foods and cosmetics. The bathtub is a tree-shaped shower, which is said to be a smart shower. The exhibition organizer confirmed that Zhu Lin, the Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, will take the delegation to participate in the second Expo.


    Malaysia Pavilion: In addition to the Cat Mountain King, there are these

    The Malaysia Pavilion is set up by government departments and agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Primary Products, and the Digital Economy Development Bureau. It mainly displays food and beverage products, including durian, white coffee, and bird's nest, which are familiar to Chinese consumers. Among them, Malaysia's frozen shelled whole "Cat Mountain King" durian has officially entered China in June this year.

    This time Malaysia is also highly recommended for palm oil, Malaysia's palm oil and related products, maintaining a leading position in the local industry, of which red palm oil has been specially processed to maximize carotenoids. The exhibition organizer confirmed that the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia will lead the team to participate in the second session of the Expo.


    Jamaica Pavilion

    The theme of the Jamaica Pavilion is also straight to the point, “do business jamaica” (doing business with Jamaica). Jamaica is the largest transit port in the Caribbean. Its booth is green and yellow, showing a dynamic and lively atmosphere like the Jamaican flag. It will promote its investment and business environment. Jamaican Prime Minister Holly Jones confirmed attendance at the opening ceremony of the Expo and related activities.


    Peru Pavilion: Last year's net red came back

    The Peruvian National Pavilion, the overall design fully absorbs the essence of Peruvian traditional architecture and textile techniques, and draws colorful ancient beasts and geometric patterns with criss-crossing threads. Peru is the country with the largest number of alpacas in the world, and high-end textiles are its characteristics. At the Expo last year, the Peruvian National Pavilion put a huge "alpaca" into the exhibition hall and became a net red card. This year, this practice will continue. In addition, the Peruvian booth will also present the Peruvian national wine, Pisco cocktail, to the guests. The Peruvian Minister of Tourism confirmed his participation in the Expo.


    Czech Pavilion: Listening to piano music and wine

    For the first time, the Czech Republic participated as a guest country, increasing its area from 136 square meters last year to 256 square meters. The head of the booth, Shanar, said that this year the Czech Republic will display a brand new image, in addition to traditional handicraft products, it will also display a large number of high-tech products and technologies. For example, the used edible oil is converted into a biodegradable patented technology for cosmetics, an ultra-light garment made of nanofibers, which is antibacterial, dustproof and UV resistant, as well as extremely precise optical equipment and high-end design lamps.

    The Czech piano is also very famous. There is a piano in the middle of the booth. There will be a Czech pianist who has settled in China for a long time. On the side of the piano is a bar where the audience can taste the mellow Czech beer and delicious Czech cuisine while listening to the romantic tone. The reporter confirmed from the Czech Embassy in China that the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Czech Republic, Radek Vondra?ek, will lead the official delegation to participate this year.



    Greek Pavilion: Jewelry and Food

    Walking into the Greek Pavilion, the first thing I saw was a jewelry display area. According to the staff, these jewellery are mainly made of ancient Greek coins. Going further, it is a small theater that will show Greek cultural heritage and traditional Greek dance performances.

    The Greek booth has a gourmet area, and the cabinets are full of Greek food and wine. After the opening of the exhibition, the audience can taste delicious food here. This year, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis will lead a delegation of 68 Greek companies.

    Greece, as the guest of honor of this expo, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis will attend a high-level political and business delegation and will attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Greek National Pavilion. The Greek companies participating in this exhibition cover the fields of energy, tourism, shipping, construction, pharmaceuticals and agricultural products.

    The Greek Pavilion of the China International Import Expo in 2019, with the theme of “Greece, Shared Culture”, provides a profitable experience for the Chinese business community and the audience.

    The Greek Pavilion aims to fully show the beauty of Greece. By applying VR technology, visitors will have the opportunity to stroll through the alleys of Santorini and enjoy the world's most beautiful sunset in the town of Oia. In addition, the Athens Monetary Museum and the Greek Ministry of Culture organized a “fruit and symbol” jewelry exhibition and a replica of the “Greek Five Thousand Years Civilization” cultural relics in the Greek Pavilion. There will be 26 Greek food and wine companies in the gourmet area, where visitors can taste pure Greek produce such as olive oil, honey, feta cheese and the best wines from the local vineyards. In addition, from November 7th to 9th, the Greek Pavilion hosted a Greek wine master class, inviting professionals from the catering industry to participate.

    During the Expo, the Greek Pavilion will also organize B2B meetings between Chinese and Greek entrepreneurs and the Greek Business Forum. More than 200 representatives of Chinese companies will participate in the B2B conference to explore opportunities for cooperation with Greek entrepreneurs. The Greek Business Forum will be held on November 4. At that time, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis will attend and deliver a keynote speech entitled "A New Era of Economic Cooperation between Greece and China - Re-introducing Greece as a Business-Friendly Country".


    Italian Pavilion: Bringing the Renaissance to Shanghai

    The Italian booth consists of four famous attractions, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the Church of Milan, and the most beautiful living room, St. Mark's Square. "We want to condense the millennium meaning of the country of the Renaissance in this booth." Eric, the Italian consulate in Shanghai, introduced.

    The theme of this year's Italian pavilion is "Italian technology and design", Eric took the reporter to see a seemingly ordinary wooden bench. This bench is not only very beautiful, natural, but also can be used as a charging pile for electric vehicles or for charging mobile phones and computers. This year, Italian Foreign Minister Dimayo will come to the Expo site.


    At the national exhibition site, Yu Yuantang, deputy director of the European Department of the Ministry of Commerce and the national exhibition director of the second session of the Expo, introduced the Expo to encourage participating countries to show their country's trade, investment, technology, tourism and humanities in the best image. Achievements in other areas.

    According to reports, in order to meet the public's desire to visit the national exhibition, this year's Expo will open the national exhibition to the public on November 13-20. All national and international organizations participating in the national exhibition this year have agreed to extend. .



    The reporter learned from the French Consulate in Shanghai that this year France will bring an eclectic, modern and dynamic French pavilion with the theme of “Selecting France”. 16 global companies and 6 public institutions will be displayed at the French Pavilion. . Among them, 16 companies, or household names in China, are not well known to the public, but their products and technology have been accompanied by Chinese consumers for many years. These companies include Air Liquide, Airbus, AXA Insurance, Danone, European Communications Satellite, Indigo Parking, Legrand, L'Oreal, Pernod Ricard, Saint-Gobain, Sanofi, Societe Generale, etc. Innovative persistence.


    The French pavilion seems to be low-key and simple, but its display content is very rich. The main color of the booth is white, and the booth is divided into exhibitor area, public area, lecture area, tasting area and interactive experience area with different floor tones. The white transparent tower in the middle of the booth symbolizes the Eiffel Tower and is also the public area of the booth. Visitors can consult in the area. The left side is the exhibition area, which is divided into four main themes: healthy, sustainable city, food and wine, and technology. Both are available for professional visitors; the back side is a tasting area where guests can sample French food and wine, next to the speech area, a forum presentation will be held during the exhibition; the interactive experience area on the right, visitors can enjoy French through the VR glasses The customs of the eight regions.


    Perhaps you still don't know, the National Exhibition also "hidden" a small "zoo", just in the Zambia booth! The rich colors of Zambia's booth are colliding with each other, and many sculptures of Zambian animals are set up to make the whole design look vibrant and interesting. At the same time, Zambia's booth also brought a lot of local special products for the audience to watch.


    It is reported that after the end of this year's Expo, all participating countries and international organizations will be extended, and ordinary visitors can also visit.


    Three major international organizations

    Entering the pavilion from Gate 01 of Hall 5.2, the first to be seen is the booths of the three international organizations, the International Trade Center, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The three international organization booths with white as the main color have completed the basic construction work and are undergoing decoration and exhibition.

    The area of exhibitors in the United States is larger than anyone else. Although the United States has confirmed that it will not send high-level representatives to participate in the second session of the Expo, the enthusiasm of American exhibitors is not particularly diminished.

    Enter the Expo Pavilion. Photography: Qinling

    On November 2nd, the China International Import Expo Organizing Committee held a news briefing. The data released at the meeting showed that the number of American companies participating in the Expo was ranked first, reaching 47,500 square meters, and the number of exhibitors reached 192. .

    In addition to the United States, many countries and regions have a high level of enthusiasm for exhibiting. According to the data, the top ten countries and regions in this year's Expo will be the United States, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Italy, France, Australia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

    Corporate business exhibitions have brought practical results to enterprises. Many enterprises have also increased their exhibition areas during the exhibition. The average exhibition area of exhibitors has increased from 74 square meters in the first session to nearly 90 square meters in each home.

    At the previous Chinese and foreign media briefings, Ren Hongbin, assistant to the Minister of Commerce and deputy director of the Office of the China International Import Expo Organizing Committee, said that from the perspective of the number of exhibitors, the US companies were not the most, ranked fifth, but the largest exhibition area. This also shows that the US companies with a single area account for a relatively large area.

    Not only that, but the executives of many top 500 multinational companies in the United States personally led the team to participate in the corporate exhibition, which shows that the Chinese market and China's entry into the Expo will have great appeal to American companies.


    Star exhibits from all over the world are coming!

    The second session of the Expo will be opened soon, and the popularity of this event will heat up. Star exhibits from all over the world will gradually unveil the mysterious “veil”. The antique car with a hundred years of history can customize the beauty instrument of liquid foundation. The shortest insulin injection needle, the quietest washing machine in the world... 

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