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    Convergence and innovation, the 4th Shanxi Cultural Fair is different!
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2019-11-21
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    Author: 广东跨采
    Through the colorful exhibitions and cultural activities, the 4th International Cultural Fair will strive to highlight the four characteristics of integration, newness, precision and reality. The grand meeting will start and wait for you in December!


    The 4th Shanxi Cultural Industry Fair

    Theme: Deep integration Innovation development

    Time: December 5th - December 10th, 2019

    Duration: 6 days

    Location: China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center



    Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Shanxi Provincial Department of Education Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department, Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Shanxi Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, Shanxi Provincial Radio and Television Bureau Shanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Taiyuan Municipal People's Government Shanxi Transformation Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone



























    The 4th Shanxi Cultural Industry Expo Fair - a key exhibition in Shanxi Province, invites customers from all over the world and all parties to participate in the grand event!


    The main venue of this fair is located in the exhibition hall of China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center, which is divided into preface hall, theme exhibition area, comprehensive exhibition area and industrial activity exhibition area. Among them, part of the industrial activity exhibition area is mainly for the various cultural units introduced through the market, mainly displaying fine arts and crafts, non-genetic inheritance, stationery, daily necessities and so on.


    Exhibition scope

    Folklore, cultural tourism, digital film and television, animation games, performing arts and entertainment, financial technology, advertising media, cultural creativity, media integration, wenwan collection, special leisure, news publishing, arts and crafts, four treasures of the study, printing equipment, etc.


    The Wenbo special train has been launched, waiting for you in December!

    What new things will this exhibition have? ! Please listen to the small series!

    This exhibition is divided into two parts: the main venue and the sub-meeting.

    Main venue

    The main venue is the China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center Exhibition Hall, which is divided into four major exhibition areas: the sub-sequence hall, the theme, the comprehensive and the industrial activities.

    Preface Hall:

    As the entrance to the South Gate, it is mainly about studying and implementing the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the symposium on ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin. With the theme of “historical context and cultural self-confidence”, through image design and sound and light The combination of means and other means, showing the typical cultural elements of Shanxi, reflecting the profound Yellow River culture of our province.

    Theme Pavilion:

    It mainly focuses on three key display sections around “deep integration of media, integration of cultural tourism, and integration of culture and technology”.

    The deep integration of the media will focus on the recent breakthroughs in promoting the deep integration of traditional media and emerging media, creating a new communication platform and building a new mainstream media.

    The cultural tourism integration section focuses on the development of the “331” new pattern of tourism development along the Yellow River and the province's construction of the province, and promotes the new achievements of the Yellow River, Great Wall and Taihang.

    The cultural science and technology integration section highlights the new progress made by the province in promoting the integration of cultural science and technology in recent years. It is the province's only national-level cultural and technological integration demonstration base.

    Comprehensive exhibition area:

    It mainly includes comprehensive cultural industry exhibitions, key cultural enterprise exhibitions, and provincial cultural and creative design exhibitions.

    Industrial Activity Zone:

    Mainly for the various cultural units introduced through the market, mainly display arts and crafts, non-genetic inheritance, stationery, daily necessities and other content.


    Breakout venue

    In order to further enhance the influence of the ICIF, this year's Cultural Fair will set up a sub-meeting venue in the relevant cities, counties, cultural venues, key cultural industrial parks, scenic spots, universities, etc. with the main application and the authorization mode of the conference, and carry out a series of cultural activities.

    In addition to the exhibition transactions in the venue, a number of activities, cultural and tourism integration development summit forum will be held to invite leaders, experts, scholars and comrades in the cultural and tourism departments of the 9 provinces in the Yellow River. The spirit of the important speech at the symposium on ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, with cultural tourism, talked about how to promote the Yellow River culture and enhance cultural self-confidence. Speaking on how to promote the deep integration of cultural tourism.


    Signing event

    During the exhibition, it is planned to adopt a combination of centralized signing of the conference and independent signing of local and cultural enterprises to promote the formation of a number of cultural industry projects and transaction results that can be achieved. At the same time, each city will also organize at least one investment promotion, image promotion and other activities.


    Other cultural activities

    During the exhibition, a center stage will be set up in the main venue to organize various cities, counties (cities, districts) and key cultural enterprises to carry out various forms of publicity and promotion and cultural performance activities, which will not only expand the influence of the project promotion, but also further enrich the cultural life of the masses. .


    To sum up, this session of the fair will highlight blingbling!

    Through the colorful exhibitions and cultural activities, the 4th Cultural Fair will strive to highlight the four characteristics of integration, newness, precision and reality:

    Highlighting “melting” on the main line, focusing on the deep integration of media, cultural tourism integration, cultural and technological integration, and comprehensively demonstrating the achievements of cultural reform and development;

    Highlight "new" in the creative, innovative ideas, innovative ideas, innovative ways, and focus on demonstrating the new formats, new elements, and new achievements in the development of Shanxi's cultural industry;

    Highlighting the "fine" in the exhibition, whether it is exhibitors, exhibiting projects or exhibits, we must select the best, and fully display and promote the province's arts and crafts boutique, cultural boutiques, fine art;

    In the event, “real” will be highlighted, and colorful and effective investment promotion activities will be held in the exhibition hall. The venues, cultural venues, tourist attractions, campuses and other places will also be used to carry out various cultural activities.


    The grand meeting will start, and you will be waiting in December!

    Exhibition Contact:

    Guangdong Ksourcing Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Address: 2417-2420, Dongling Square Office Building, No. 71, Auto Avenue, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

    Phone: 020-38109036


    Source: Shanxi Provincial Government Press Office

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