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    The 11th China GRTAE!Meet Shandong in May 2020!
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-02-17
    Click: 1721
    Author: 广东跨采
    The 11th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Accessory Exhibition (China GRTAE),May 15-17th,2020,Guangrao International Expo Center,Dongying City,Shandong Province!


    The 11th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Accessory Exhibition (China GRTAE)

    Looking Forward to Your Presence



    Venue:Guangrao International Expo Center,Dongying City,Shandong Province

    Organizers:China Council for the Promotion of International Trade、People’s Government of Shandong Province


    Why China Grate?

    1、Most Factories Gathering Could Source Directly  

    2、The Largest Tire Show in China

    3、Highly Specialized and International

    4、Guangrao-Tire City, Capacity Occupies 1/4 in China

    5、Rich Activities Covering Wide Range


    Exhibit Profile

    - Tire Products

    - Wheel Products

    - Rubber Tire Equipment

    - Auto Maintenance Equipment

    - Retreading Equipment and Material

    - Rubber Raw Materials

    - Auto Accessory


    part of exhibitors


    Concurrent Events

    - China(Guangrao)International Wheel Exhibition

    - China(Guangrao)International Auto Maintenance Equipment Exhibition

    - May 15th China(Guangrao)International Tire Day Forum

    - China(Guangrao)International Rubber Tire Technology Development Conference

    - China(Dongying)the Belt and Road International Sourcing Fair


    China Grtae 2019

    - Exhibitors 705

    - Overseas Exhibitors 120

    - Display Area 48,000 ㎡

    - Visitors 50,000

    - Overseas Visitors more than 1,600

    Service For Overseas Buyers

    Free Bus Service: at Beijing, Qingdao, Jinan, Dongying airport and Zibo railway station

    Free Accommodations:4 or 5 star hotel

    Free Shuttle Bus: between hotel and expo hall



    By Car

    8kmaway from Changshen Expressway

    20kmaway from the Qingyin Expressway

    By Train

    25kmaway from Linzi north railway station

    40kmaway from Qingzhou railway station

    50kmaway from Zibo north railway station

    55kmaway from Zibo station

    40kmaway from Dongying south station

    By Air

    50kmaway from Dongying airport

    150kmaway from Jinan airport

    200kmaway from Qingdao airport

    425kmaway from Beijing airport


    Contact Us

    Guangdong Ksourcing Exhibition Co.,Ltd.






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