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    International Marine Expo(Guangdong) invites you to participate for free!
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-02-17
    Click: 1754
    Author: 广东跨采
    Companies recommended by Guangdong Ksourcing Exhibition Co., Ltd. can participate for free!


    2020 International Marine Expo(Guangdong)

    Focus · Marine Equipment

    Convergence · Marine Information

    Display · National Defense Technology

    Development · Marine Services

    Blue ocean, win-win cooperation

    Join hands to build a community of marine destiny



    People's Government of Zhanjiang City, Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province, Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, Department of Transportation and Transportation of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province International Trade Promotion Committee

    Strategic Cooperation: China Foreign Trade Center (Group)


    Highlight 1: Free participation by exhibitors(Companies recommended by Guangdong Ksourcing Exhibition Co., Ltd. can participate for free)


    Highlight 2: Covering the two exhibition areas

    Offshore exhibition area: Offshore equipment exhibition area, ship exhibition area, special ship area

    Land exhibition area: high-end summits, professional forums, warship visits, performance activities, trade, cultural and tourism activities


    Highlight 3: Massive high-precision exhibits

    Marine equipment: ports and marine engineering, ship supporting, marine technology, emerging areas: marine energy, marine tourism, marine pastures, new marine materials, artificial intelligence, biomedicine.

    Maritime services: shipbuilding, ship maintenance, ship agency, ship management, shipowners, training and education institutions, chambers of commerce, law, finance and other maritime services

    Information system: electronic system, emergency system

    Defense equipment: deep submersibles, sea helicopters, patrol aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned submersibles, unmanned surface ships


    Highlight 4: unprecedented scale

    Estimated exhibition area: 100,000㎡

    Exhibitors: 1,000

    Estimated professional audience: 20,000

    Expected general audience: 500,000 visitors


    Highlight 5: Concurrent activities

    √ Concentrated display of warships and special ships in the marine exhibition area

    √ More than 20 procurement dockings, cooperation negotiations, and new product launches

    √ Over 50 high-end summits and industry forums

    √ Warship visits, maritime exercises, cultural tourism activities


    Exhibition Contact

    Guangdong Ksourcing Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Contact: Huang Yongyi

    Phone: 18198925695

    Email: 269685214@qq.com

    Official Website: http://www.couponzatak.com

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