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    Buyers from 41 countries went to Yiwu by charter flight to start cargo scanning mode
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-03-23
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    Author: 广东跨采
    They are the first overseas purchasing groups to be attracted by charter flights.

    In the afternoon of March 16th, 245 foreign businessmen from 41 countries and regions flew to Yiwu from Guangzhou, and then took a bus to the International Trade City to start the "purchasing" journey. They are the first overseas purchasing groups to be attracted by charter flights. Most of them are heads of foreign trade companies resident in China and foreign merchants who have entered China for more than 14 days.



    The Egyptian merchant Haisang is a person in charge of a foreign trade import and export company and a social expert. He has many fans on the Internet social platform.


    On the same day, he took a bus from Yiwu Airport to the International Trade City. Under the guidance of the staff, while processing the "pass" to enter the market, he broadcasted the purchase tour to fans on social platforms:

    "Behind me is Yiwu International Trade City. There are more than 1.8 million kinds of goods here. The supply is very rich and the logistics is very convenient. We can always buy the goods we need."

    Hai Sang bluntly, he used the live broadcast method to show customers the Yiwu market more intuitively, and told them that the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Yiwu was very good and he could come to do business with peace of mind.

    "Many of my fans are my customers. I said a few days ago that I would come to Yiwu to purchase, and the customers placed orders of about $ 100,000, mainly for toys and stationery products."


    Heinz Maynard Ludwig Severin from Germany has been trading in China for more than a decade and has been based in Guangzhou. He told reporters:

    "Affected by the epidemic, our customers in the United Kingdom and the United States are currently seriously out of stock. The list of this purchase is very diverse, including hardware tools, home furnishings, glass appliances, digital products, luggage, etc."


    Colombian buyer interviewed


    Buyers visit Yiwu Trade City

    Heinz Maynard Ludwig Severin believes that in the long run, under the premise of ensuring safety and control, foreign buyers will return to Yiwu for procurement, and the backlog of market demand will be released.

    "Yiwu has a huge and professional market, fast and convenient logistics and distribution, and lower cost advantages. It is believed that as the epidemic slows down and factories resume work and production, the market will gradually resume its usual vitality.

    Now that Yiwu has been fully restored, the situation of the epidemic is stable and improving. Sending positive signals to the outside world in a timely manner and encouraging Chinese and foreign buyers to come to Yiwu market will help boost market confidence and promote market prosperity.

    In the future, Guangdong Ksourcing will continue to maintain a professional attitude and actively invite high-quality overseas buyers to come to China for business inspections and trade docking, and contribute its own strength to the prosperity and development of the Chinese market.

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