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    A minimalist version of the government work report! Only 500 words
    Category: 行业动态
    Date: 2020-05-26
    Click: 1165
    Author: 广东跨采
    On May 22, Premier Li Keqiang made a government work report. The amount of information is huge!


    On May 22, Premier Li Keqiang gave a government work report. The main points are as follows:

    1. Review of work last year and this year


    GDP is 99.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.1%


    Effectively control the epidemic situation in a relatively short period of time and protect the basic life of the people, which is very difficult and difficult


    Many weak links have been exposed in public health emergency management


    2. Important goals for this year


    No specific target for annual economic growth


    There are more than 9 million new jobs in urban areas, and the unemployment rate in urban surveys is about 6%


    Under the current standard, all rural poor people are lifted out of poverty, and all poverty-stricken counties take off their hats.


    3. Part of the key work this year


    Active fiscal policy should be more active and promising


    Prudent monetary policy should be more flexible and appropriate


    Prepare the "14th Five-Year Plan"


    Anti-epidemic: greatly improve the prevention and control capabilities, and resolutely prevent the epidemic from rebounding. Implement a package of policies to support the development of Hubei


    Finance: The scale of the fiscal deficit increased by 1 trillion yuan from last year, and 1 trillion yuan of special anti-epidemic government bonds were issued


    Tax reduction and fee reduction: It is estimated that the new burden reduction for enterprises will exceed 2.5 trillion yuan for the whole year


    Employment: Eliminate unreasonable restrictions on employment, and promote measures to promote employment


    Innovation: Deepen a new round of comprehensive innovation reform experiments


    Consumption: Support e-commerce and express delivery to the countryside. Expand 5G applications


    Investment: It is planned to arrange 3.75 trillion yuan for local government special bonds, and 600 billion yuan for investment in the central budget


    Finance: Large-scale commercial banks inclusive small and micro enterprises loans growth rate is higher than 40%


    Overcoming poverty: Increasing the strength of remaining poor counties and villages


    Agriculture: 80 million mu of new high-standard farmland


    Education: Expand the enrollment of colleges and universities for rural and poor areas


    Social security: expand the scope of minimum security guarantees, and provide full coverage to families in difficulties in urban and rural areas


    Open: Organize the third session of the Expo. Joint implementation of the first phase of China-US economic and trade agreement


    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: Establish and improve the legal system and enforcement mechanism of the special administrative region to maintain national security

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