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Online Canton Fair is here! Don't you know these hardcore skills that Yun exhibited?
Category: 展会动态
Date: 2020-04-17
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Author: 广东跨采
The official announcement of the 127th Canton Fair will be held online. This will be the first time that China's oldest trade fair is held entirely online.


On April 7, the official announcement of the 127th Canton Fair will be held online in the middle and late June. This will be the first time that China's oldest trade fair will be held entirely online, so that Chinese and foreign merchants can place orders and do business without leaving the house.


What about the Canton Fair Online?

How should exhibitors participate?


On April 10, Assistant Minister of Commerce Ren Hongbin introduced the specific form of the online Canton Fair: This Canton Fair mainly includes three parts: online display and docking platform, cross-border e-commerce zone, and live marketing services. B2C platform, creating an all-weather online foreign trade platform.

On April 15, Tencent was identified as the technical service provider of the Canton Fair, providing overall technical support, platform R & D services and cloud resource support for the Canton Fair online hosting.

Online Canton Fair is coming! Exhibitors, are you ready for the cloud participation era?

◆ What publicity materials and technical support need to be prepared?

◆ How to let buyers pay attention to your virtual booth at a glance?

◆ How to live broadcast the goods to B-end buyers, is Li Jiaqi's OMG style useful?



Cloud exhibitors need to make the following preparations

Taking the more mature China-made cloud exhibition as an example, to welcome the online exhibition, it is recommended to make the following preparations.



Material preparation

1. Product selection

Novel products are the first element of attracting buyers. You need to select products suitable for online display. At the same time, prepare accurate and professional text introductions for each product, and try to avoid meaningless introductions such as "good product" and "good price".

In the product introduction, it is necessary to accurately describe the model of the product, and introduce the specific use of the product in as much detail as possible. When attending offline, buyers can ask if your product is suitable for accessories of related products; when exhibiting online, maybe your product is suitable, but if the buyer does not see that your product meets his needs, The buyer may not ask, so keep the buyer as much as possible in the first step.


2. Product video / picture promotion

One of the reasons why the offline exhibition is difficult to be replaced is that the product is visible and can be tried, and the buyer can intuitively feel the various properties of the product, and if the online exhibition is to achieve this, the supplier must be ready to do the product Promotional video and picture shooting.

Compared to pictures, videos can better showcase products and companies. High-quality videos can show the corporate image and product value. Suppliers can write scripts in advance and ask professionals to shoot, trying to display product highlights in the best form.

If possible, it is best to have a 3D product display.


3. Buyers are ready for factory inspection

When exhibiting online, buyers will have more concerns about the qualifications of the suppliers themselves. Customers who are interested in the products may want to see the inside of the plant. How to meet this demand of buyers?

One is that the camera can be installed inside the factory, and then the camera can be used to directly watch the scene in the factory; the second is to use 360-degree panoramic surround shooting, and the buyer can watch the scene in the factory.

If the hardware and technology cannot reach the first two display methods, you can choose to shoot the factory introduction video in advance.



Skill preparation

1. SEO skills

Similar to choosing a good location for the offline exhibition and decorating the facade, the online exhibition requires the use of search engine rules to improve the natural ranking of the website within the relevant search engine.

Although I don't know the search rules of the Canton Fair online yet, it is always right to master some SEO knowledge in advance.


2. Preparation before the traditional exhibition

The perfect online display also requires the pre-exhibition preparation work of the traditional exhibition, so the pre-exhibition preparation in the past can not be lost, including:

Memorize product information and highlights, and respond freely to buyer questions;

Initial portraits of target buyers, targeted promotion for target groups;

Before the exhibition, buyers are invited to visit the online exhibition, gain popularity in advance, and so on.


3. Customer conversion preparation

Online exhibitions attract buyers, how to negotiate in real time and promote order conversion? Traditional exhibitions are easy to handle, just guide buyers to sit down and talk. Online, you need a virtual, private meeting room.

There is a product in our online cloud exhibition called "Online Meeting Room". I believe Tencent's online platform for Canton Fair will have similar functions. Summarizing our experience:

(1) In order to avoid the situation of a large number of buyers in a short period of time during the exhibition period, multiple reception conference halls can be prepared according to different product types, and equipped with professional foreign trade salesmen to connect, buyers can enter the corresponding conference room according to their own intentions Negotiate.

(2) For the maintenance of old customers, an online meeting plan can be formulated in advance, and buyers are invited to participate in the online meeting at a specific time.

(3) If you meet a high-quality buyer during the live broadcast with multiple buyers, you can send a private chat invitation to guide the buyer into the new conference room for private private chat, so as to ensure that you can be undisturbed Communicate more efficiently in situations.



Live broadcast preparation

This online Canton Fair also has a big segment that provides live broadcast marketing services to exhibitors. The online live broadcast room is not restricted by time and space. Companies can either conduct individual face-to-face negotiations with merchants online, or can also face online broadcasts. A large number of merchants to promote and promote.

Does such a live broadcast mean that you have to live broadcast and bring goods to buyers like Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya? Maybe B-end buyers may not buy it, they need more professional product content output and clearer product highlights.


For online live rooms, you need to prepare:

1. Hardware facilities. Cameras, microphones, Wi-Fi, and live broadcast locations all require careful preparation and repeated debugging;

2. Familiar with the live broadcast format. Many foreign trade personnel have not been exposed to the live broadcast format, so you need to understand the live broadcast display format. You can watch some live streaming videos in advance to understand the precautions for online live streaming; of course, facing B-end professional buyers, there is still a difference from Li Jiaqi's live streaming with shipping. I want to know what the buyers want to hear content.

3. Selection of live broadcast personnel. The foreign trade clerk in the live broadcast room needs to have strong communication skills, foreign language skills, and speaking skills.

4. Refine and stream the live content. The buyer's attention is very limited. If you can't attract his attention in a short time, he may directly exit the live broadcast room. It is necessary to write the live broadcast content in advance. Product highlights = why it is worth buying, use scenarios = why need Buy, company highlights = why find you to buy ... Show your professionalism during the live broadcast and show the highlights of your products.


Li Xingqian, director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the Internet connection with thousands of households is profoundly changing our production and life. It is a practical initiative to bring to the cloud a global trade event that has been held for more than 120 years for more than 60 years. The world-famous Canton Fair moved from the physical pavilion to the Internet, not simply a copy, but a new structural design and process reengineering.


The market will always belong to the people who have the upper hand first. If you can go one step ahead and master fresher and more practical marketing skills during this period of foreign trade transition, or even become "Li Jiaqi" of the foreign trade session, why not worry about orders coming?

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