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    Today, the Ministry of Commerce released the latest news of the Online Canton Fair
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-04-23
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    Author: 广东跨采
    The Ministry of Commerce held a regular online press conference, and news spokesman Gao Feng answered media questions about the progress of the Canton Fair online.


    Today, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular online press conference, and news spokesman Gao Feng answered media questions about the progress of the Canton Fair online.


    The excerpts are as follows:


    21st Century Business Herald reporter:

    The Canton Fair Online has officially determined the time, and its preparation time is tight. How is the progress of recruitment and promotion of buyers? What are the considerations? What changes are expected in the customer structure? Compared with offline exhibitions, why is the online Canton Fair that breaks the restrictions of time and space still held within a limited time?



    In response to the characteristics of the 127th Canton Fair held on the Internet, we have started relevant investment promotion work, and the overall progress is currently smooth. Focusing on global coverage, the Canton Fair has sent invitations to more than 400,000 overseas buyers who have attended the fair; it will also conduct precise investment invitations through Canton Fair ’s overseas partners, important international business organizations, multinational procurement companies, etc .; In a variety of ways, actively invite previous customers who cannot attend the meeting due to factors such as time or travel costs, and strive to attract more international buyers to participate in the meeting, creating favorable conditions for companies to take orders and secure the market. At the same time, we increased the invitation of domestic buyers, expanded the scope of invitations for professional buyers, actively expanded imports, and promoted the export-oriented domestic sales of foreign trade enterprises.


    Regarding the issue of centralized time, an important function of the B2B exhibition is to display and concentrate information in a short time, pool resources, form a joint force, and help companies connect to the market. The Canton Fair held on the Internet will also maintain this feature and advantage. Tens of thousands of buyers and exhibitors interact with each other at high frequency within 10 days and communicate fully, which is not only conducive to one-stop purchases by buyers, but also helps exhibitors optimize their sales strategies. Collecting the buyer's demand information in a centralized manner, both parties can plan the purchase or production operation throughout the year or within a period of time. From the perspective of exhibition hosting, holding within a limited period of time is conducive to inviting global buyers to participate, increase attention, expand the coverage of communication, and bring more business opportunities for exhibitors to discuss cooperation.


    This session of the Canton Fair will strengthen online matching, provide honest background information for both parties to the transaction, and replicate the mutually trusted trade negotiation environment on the physical exhibition; provide multilingual translation support for the docking platform to facilitate the communication between buyers and exhibitors; The company opens an all-weather online live broadcast room, which can be used for face-to-face negotiation and publicity.


    We sincerely invite merchants from home and abroad to actively participate in this Canton Fair, and we look forward to the guests returning home with full load! Thank you!

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