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    The country's first exhibition launches a security drill for epidemic prevention, and the exhibition
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-04-23
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    Author: 广东跨采
    On April 22, the 2020 Hunan Automobile Exhibition and the first automobile consumption festival in Changsha launched anti-epidemic, safety drills and training.


    "Please wear masks, line up in an orderly manner, and maintain a safe distance ..." On April 22, the 2020 Hunan Automobile Exhibition and the First Automobile Consumer Festival in Changsha launched anti-epidemic, safety drills and training. Relevant staff members of Changsha City Center for Disease Control, Public Security Detachment, Venues, Auto Show Organizing Committee, Exhibitors, Constructors, Security Companies, Cleaning Companies, Catering Suppliers and other units participated. At the scene, various black technology anti-epidemic equipment appeared, and the staff strictly implemented the anti-epidemic system to ensure the safety and smoothness of this auto show.


    At 2:30 in the afternoon, the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center can see that the preparatory work of the exhibition hall is ready. The exhibition hall has marked the location of the exhibiting brands on the ground, and the staff are performing the round-robin operation. Each entrance of the exhibition hall has been installed with automatic gates and infrared automatic temperature measuring instruments, and each entrance is equipped with on-site staff guidance.

    At the entrance of the South Gate audience, the audience will pass through three posts when they enter the exhibition hall, namely the health check post, the security check post, and the access control verification post. "This system can scan the body temperature of 30 people at the same time. Once an abnormality is found, it will immediately alarm and display it on the electronic screen in real time." The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee pointed to the introduction of the body temperature measurement system at the entrance.


    This year's auto show introduced the far-infrared intelligent anti-epidemic robot for the first time. It integrates black technology equipment such as 360-degree dead angle monitoring system, infrared temperature detection system, face recognition and intelligent voice recognition system, and intelligent big data analysis system. Measure the temperature of people and catch abnormal conditions to build the most professional "firewall" for the auto show.

    At the same time, this year's auto show ticket system uses a real-name system, using the "health code" and "travel code" management system for the first time; it is connected to the background data of the public security system in Changsha City to prevent the risks of people participating in the epidemic control area in a timely manner. There is an emergency plan for prevention and control at the auto show site. Changsha City Health Department will send professionals and teams during the show to provide service guidance. In addition, the supervision department also inspected the anti-epidemic substances and equipment of the auto show that day. The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee said: "We have prepared enough masks, disinfection and sterilization and other materials for epidemic prevention and control to ensure a safe, secure and comfortable car consumption festival that integrates high-tech applications."


    In the subsequent training session, the infectious disease prevention experts, disinfection and vector biology prevention experts of Changsha City Disease Control Center will learn the basic knowledge of new pneumonia, the current status and progress of epidemic prevention and control, scientific disinfection, personal protection, and response measures All parties conducted systematic training for the personnel involved in the training.


    Changsha is the first provincial capital city to resume the exhibition industry in the country. The Hunan Auto Show 2020 will not only be included in the list of the first batch of resumed work in Changsha, but will also become the first large-scale comprehensive automobile exhibition to be restored in the national automobile industry. Held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 5.


    △ The scene of previous auto show

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