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    12 practical suggestions for export enterprises by live broadcast of online Canton Fair
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-04-24
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    Author: 广东跨采
    The Canton Fair was held online for the first time, and many export enterprises have no way to start. So how should export enterprises prepare for this new form of Canton Fair?


    The first online Canton Fair will open in June. For the first time online, many export companies have no way to start, so how should export companies prepare for this new form of Canton Fair?


    What should foreign trade companies do if they participate in the Canton Fair online?

    Many people put forward various suggestions from different angles, but few people think from the perspective of buyers. Here, I will help you to sort out the countermeasures of the online Canton Fair from this perspective.


    1. Why should buyers participate in the Canton Fair?

    Before sorting out the response policies, we must first think from the perspective of overseas buyers. What are they doing at the Canton Fair?


    In fact, overseas buyers go to the Canton Fair for the following reasons:

    1. Understand industry development

    The Canton Fair has gathered a large number of enterprises in the same industry. At that time, enterprises will also focus on displaying their latest products and technologies. Therefore, buyers want to get the latest industry information, the Canton Fair is undoubtedly the most ideal place.


    2. Contact an old friend

    Many buyers have familiar partners in China, and it is not easy for many buyers to come to China once. At the Canton Fair, they can meet many old friends to reminisce. It can be said that the Canton Fair will also be an important social activity for them.


    3. Identify potential new suppliers

    Even if the old customers have a very good relationship with us, we cannot deny that the important purpose of their coming to the Canton Fair is to inspect the suppliers. If we are not fully prepared, old customers may change suppliers that are more suitable for them.


    2. Why are buyers willing to participate in offline exhibitions not far away?

    At present, the Internet is so developed, and it seems that these can also be achieved online: if you want to understand industry information and industry trends, you can browse the website; if you want to communicate with old friends, you can use the chat tool; if you want to discover new suppliers, you can also There are so many methods through online search and other methods. Why are buyers willing to go to the exhibition without any difficulty?


    These "exhibition appeals" play an irreplaceable role.

    1. Focus on display

    A large number of export enterprises are concentrated in the Canton Fair in the short term, so that buyers can visit major companies in the industry in a short period of time, which is difficult for customers to browse the enterprise website in the short term.


    2. Physical display

    If only concentrated display, then the platform website or search engine can also play a similar role. However, buyers can see the physical display offline, which is a difficult function of the website. Physical display is especially important for non-standard products or customized products, and is often the first step for buyers to decide whether to communicate with the company in depth.


    3. Face-to-face communication

    In addition to physical display, offline exhibitions allow buyers and companies to communicate face-to-face. Compared with online, face-to-face communication can help us overcome many language barriers, without the trouble of network delays.


    The closer physical distance also makes both sides more relaxed. If the long-distance travel is just for face-to-face communication with a company, it seems naturally more than worth the loss, but at the offline Canton Fair, the opportunity to face-to-face communication with many companies is very attractive to buyers.


    Taken together, the offline Canton Fair brings together the advantages of centralized display, physical display and face-to-face communication in the short term. In fact, the offline Canton Fair provides buyers with a platform to efficiently help them complete procurement work and tasks. Many buyers can lay the foundation for a year's procurement at a Canton Fair, which is the attraction of offline Canton Fair.


    How to deal with online Canton Fair?

    After the news of the online Canton Fair, export enterprises were mixed. The good news is that it brings new opportunities and hope to everyone; the worry is that companies are not familiar with online marketing, let alone a new form of live broadcast. Some people say that their factory has been working for decades, but it is impossible to do live broadcasting.



    Four major live broadcast challenges faced by export companies:

    To sum up, the live broadcast of the online Canton Fair presents export companies with four new challenges:


    1. Facilities

    Most of the facilities required for live broadcast rooms need to be built from scratch, and it is a completely unfamiliar field.


    2. People

    Who to broadcast? People inside the company may not have good language skills, but outside people have difficulty mastering professional product knowledge.


    3. Content

    24 * 10 is 240 hours of live broadcast. Based on the 45-minute TV series, it is a 320-episode TV series! There are only 96 episodes in the three "Returning the Pearl", everyone feels this difficulty ...


    4. Flow

    If after a hard preparation, the number of people watching online at the time of broadcasting is very few, anyone will be disappointed. So I have to figure out in advance how to divert my live broadcast room.


    All of the above difficulties will be faced by every export company participating in the live broadcast of the online Canton Fair. In response to these 4 challenges, here are 12 suggestions, I hope to be able to inspire everyone.



    12 practical suggestions for meeting the challenge:


    Suggestion 1. Relax your mind.

    After all, everyone is not a CCTV host or Li Jiaqi, and does not have to pursue too perfect standards. Regardless of the result, this will be a very interesting attempt, so just enjoy it!


    Suggestion 2. Professionals complete the preparation of the live broadcast room.

    Let professionals help complete the preparation of the facilities of the live broadcast room or provide consultation. From the layout of the live broadcast room to the selection of a suitable microphone, it is a very professional job. Finding experienced people can take many detours.



    Recommendation 3. Equip a dedicated broadband.

    Video live broadcast requires about 1Mbps uplink speed. At present, most broadband in China should be competent. But if all users of the enterprise share a broadband, it may cause instability in live broadcasting, so pull a dedicated broadband line.


    Recommendation 4. Establish a live broadcast team.

    A live broadcast group can be composed of a person who understands the product and a good English speaker. Good English is responsible for explanation and translation. Understand the responsibility of the product to explain important professional parts and answer difficult questions, and establish a professional image of the enterprise.



    Recommendation 5. Divide live content into units.

    It can be divided according to products, and each unit focuses on one type of product, just like it is divided into episodes and episodes. Of course, it can also be divided according to other logics, such as different themes. Divided into units can make the whole live broadcast more organized.


    Suggestion 6. Multi-use prompt board in live broadcast.

    Because our English is not so fluent or clear, writing key words or sentences on the prompt board and showing them to the audience during the live broadcast can help customers understand the content more easily.


    Recommendation 7. Full drill.

    Each live broadcast unit must be fully drilled in advance, preferably in a crowded place. One must be familiar with the content, and the other is to help overcome the tension in the live broadcast.


    Recommendation 8. Arrange live broadcast plans according to different time zones.

    For example, after dividing the live broadcast into 5 units, first arrange 2 units in the morning in American time and 3 in the afternoon. Then round up by European time zone. In this way, the live broadcast plan can be reasonably arranged.


    Suggestion 9. Multiple live groups work shifts.

    If necessary, prepare multiple live broadcast groups for shift work. If the live broadcast plan is full, a group of people will not be able to withstand it.


    Suggestion 10. Loop preview.

    If there is no time for the live broadcast unit, the pre-recorded video of the company or product introduction and the preview of the live broadcast will be played in a loop. Arrange staff on duty to receive customers who initiate contact during this period.


    Recommendation 11. Invite customers in advance.

    Inform regular customers of the live broadcast plan two weeks in advance and invite them to watch the live broadcast at that time.


    Recommendation 12. Online marketing drainge in advance.

    Use online marketing to promote the live broadcast one month in advance, and invite new customers to watch the live broadcast and learn about the company and products.


    The above suggestions cannot be said to be comprehensive, but I hope that companies can have a basic idea on how to prepare for the live broadcast of the Canton Fair online. Any questions and ideas are welcome to discuss together. Finally, I wish all export enterprises can broadcast live successfully!

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