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    4 main points of the online Canton Fair organized by the official training of the Canton Fair
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-05-29
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    Author: 广东跨采
    Class representatives have packaged a full set of online Canton Fair training courses, mark it fast!


    Can you solve this math problem produced by the official training of the Canton Fair?

    ??If Xiaoming has 25 booths in one exhibition area, how many live rooms can Xiaoming build?

    If Xiaohong has 25 booths in 3 booths, how many live rooms can Xiaohong build?

    If Xiaoqiang has only 4 booths in a booth, how many live rooms can Xiaoqiang build?


    Answer: 4, 12, 1

    Problem-solving ideas: 1 live booth for every 8 booths, up to 4 live booths in each booth


    Faced with such a math problem, are you confused? Do you really want to borrow a copy of Xueba ’s notes at this moment? Don't worry, the tenth-level scholars of Canton Fair will exclusively broadcast original notes of Canton Fair training and quickly collect them!


    Tenth-level scholars have watched the official training of the Canton Fair five times! It is found that there are many official training dry goods of 1.5 hours in this period, from the overall Canton Fair online platform function understanding, to detailed account management and exhibit information upload, as well as the application of new functions such as corporate live broadcast rooms and supply and docking.


    Looking at the whole, 4 main points are summarized:


    First. How do buyers find you?


    1. 16 categories, 50 exhibition areas, category search of exhibits

    Click on the "Exhibitors + Exhibits" section of the home page, a specific category of exhibits will appear, and all categories of exhibits will be presented in the form of scroll bars.


    2. Keywords + exhibitors + exhibits, search box search

    Buyers can quickly select and adapt exhibits or intended exhibitors through keywords in the "search box".

    Through the search of exhibitors ’exhibits, buyers can reach specific enterprise display centers (focus on enterprise display centers!)

    Here, buyers can perform multiple operations, such as clicking the "collection" button to remember the intended exhibitors, and clicking the "share" button to share the exhibitor to WeChat, Twitter, linkedin and other overseas display platforms.

    If the buyer is very interested in the exhibitor, he can get in touch with the exhibitor through the two communication buttons on the right.

    The first is to use the "instant communication" method to immediately negotiate, and the second is to initiate an online meeting invitation with the exhibitor through the "time appointment".


    Note: There are familiar overseas buyers, remember to let them help you share the booth number to overseas social platforms!


    Second, the key points of the live broadcast section


    1. After entering the live broadcast, the buyer can see the current number of viewers, and can also share the live broadcast to the sea and exhibition platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and can quickly browse the list of exhibit information related to this live broadcast on the right side. Click on an exhibit to jump to the detail page of the exhibit and communicate with business personnel in real time.


    2. The left side of the live room can dynamically present the questions sent by the buyer online. It appears to the outside to be a one-to-many presentation form, but in fact, the negotiation and communication between the buyer and the exhibitor is one-to-one, with Privacy is invisible to other buyers.


    3. Focus on a "Canton Fair Special Live Broadcasting" section provided by the Canton Fair platform. Buyers can click this button to enter the exhibitor's live broadcast hall during the actual development.

    In the live broadcast hall, the buyer can see the number of live broadcasts on the online platform of the 127th Canton Fair, the upcoming live broadcast notice, and the watch-back video that has completed the live broadcast. The buyer can choose to watch the "16 categories and 50 exhibition areas" Live broadcast of all or specific enterprises under a certain category.


    4. Exhibitors can set the access rights of the live broadcast room: (1) everyone can access, (2) designated buyers: domestic, overseas or procurement representatives and other designated groups to visit, (3) access by invitation code, that is, only the invitation Code to access the live broadcast.


    Three. How do buyers interact with exhibitors?


    1. Buyers leave messages in real time, and the anchor verbally answers questions in the live broadcast room

    2. In the interactive communication area of the live broadcast room, the assistant broadcasts a text reply in the interactive area, and the messages are not visible to each other.

    3. Outside the live broadcast hall, use instant communication, and prefer the one-to-one communication scenario

    4. Initiate appointment negotiation, through Tencent meetings, schedule appointments, create many-to-many meeting scenarios


    How to communicate in real time?

    After logging into the enterprise client, the exhibitor can view the instant communication consultation initiated by the buyer in the list on the left.

    The exhibitor's main account number and customer service sub-account will first receive the inquiry from the buyer, and then transfer the buyer to the corresponding business sub-account according to their own business.


    How to make an appointment to negotiate?

    Buyers can initiate appointment negotiations with exhibitors at the exhibitor display center, exhibit details page and buyer's intention order page.

    Step 1: Download and install the voov meeting client (talk to your buyer in advance and invite him to install the voov meeting overseas version)

    Step 2: Register and login

    The third step: Appointment negotiation, support video, voice, text communication


    After the reservation time is queried and selected by the buyer and accepted by the exhibitor, the system automatically pushes the meeting notice to both parties, including the meeting ID, meeting link and Tencent meeting download link, and displays the meeting negotiation schedule.


    Four. Points of attention in the company showroom


    1. The "exhibition area" in all the "basic information" and "detailed information" of the enterprise is automatically generated according to the content of the exhibitor, and if there is a problem, it needs to be modified in the exhibitor system.


    2. The platform will review the three-dimensional display links and VR display links. Exhibitors cannot upload links to the company's official website at will, otherwise the function of the company will be closed, so companies without these two display materials can not upload links casually!


    3. The accurate and complete filling of the specifications and features will greatly help the matching of supply and demand during the exhibition period. If the buyer searches the detailed specifications of the products, the products that meet the specifications will be pushed first and become the recommended exhibits of the buyer. Of exposure.

    4. In the detailed introduction, you can choose the public scope of non-text display of the exhibits, so that product pictures and video displays can only be disclosed to buyers.


    Official training video review link:

    https://cloud.tencent.com/edu/learning/live-2478 (copy and open in browser)

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