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    After BAT, Byte Beat entered the market: another "spoiler" in the online exhibition
    Category: 行业动态
    Date: 2020-06-08
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    Author: 广东跨采
    After BAT, another Internet technology giant, ByteDance, has finally joined the new battlefield of online exhibitions.

    After BAT, another Internet technology giant, ByteDance, has finally joined the new battlefield of online exhibitions.


    "Go online" into an ice-breaking weapon

    The special period of 2020 has caused many companies to suffer serious setbacks in offline sales and marketing activities, and the first half of the world's exhibitions have to be postponed or canceled. "Going online" has become an ice-breaking weapon in various industries in a special period.

    On the occasion of the upcoming China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) 2020, China Construction Expo will work with a large number of engines to jointly create a high-traffic, strong interaction, and multiple welfare "DOU to see Construction Expo" cloud exhibition.

    According to the official website of China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), the "DOU Watch Construction Expo" cloud exhibition, using content as a guide, live broadcast and grass as a means, and e-commerce resources as a transformation method, further expand the home building materials brand investment promotion, new product release Channels, through the exposure and content interaction of the "DOU Watch Construction Expo", not only for the pre-drainage of the China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) offline exhibition that opened on July 8th, but also to help household building materials brands obtain more efficient online Customers, efficiently realize the transformation in the cloud, and promote the dual-line integration of offline + online exhibition.

    At the same time, using short video, live broadcast, VR and other novel display, communication, and interactive methods, so that more fans can still intuitively feel the 2020 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) at the "DOU to see the Construction Expo".


    Attempt to Byte Jump

    Who is the massive engine?

    It is a marketing service brand of ByteDance, which provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions for global advertisers.

    Byte is beating and has many star products. Today, TikTok, Douyin, Watermelon Video, Chedi, Pangolin, Faceu, Mengyan, Yan Yan, and TikTok are booming overseas.

    On February 27, ByteDance launched the Flying Book Conference, slogan "permanently free", supports 100-party real-time video conferencing, and can also initiate live broadcast of ten thousand people's conferences and share screens or documents with one click.

    The massive engine and the flying book conference are both members of the byte-beating family, carrying the dream of byte-beating to seize the enterprise market.

    Ali, Tencent, Baidu, and ByteDance not only serve the exhibition organizers of governments, associations, and enterprises, but also provide overall solutions for online exhibitions and online conferences. They also roll up their sleeves and make online exhibitions by themselves.

    On May 18, Alibaba International Station announced that it will hold 20 online exhibitions in Hong Kong this year.

    On May 19, Baidu's first online marriage fair kicked off.

    ByteDance has entered the game at this time. Of course, it is not the exhibition itself, but the large number of companies connected to the exhibition that can cross-sell more products and services of ByteDance at home and abroad.

    These Internet giants will hold more online exhibitions either jointly or independently. Not only that, but looking at this situation, they will come down from the cloud and run their own physical exhibitions, maybe soon?


    Then the question is coming: JD.com, a lot of fights, will it also do things?

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