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    Exhibition people, it's time to show the real stall technology!
    Category: 行业动态
    Date: 2020-06-08
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    Author: 广东跨采
    "Let's go and set up a stall!" The time has come for the exhibition show technology!

    "Go, set up a stall!"

    The time has come for the exhibition show technology!


    As the editor of the exhibition,

    When I saw the hot search of "Stall Stall",

    The first time I thought,

    It’s not the crayfish in the night market,

    It is a stall in the exhibition.


    The stall is the prototype of the exhibition industry

    The exhibition originates from the market and the stalls

    There is a venue

    (A table/2 chairs/2 desk lamps/a 3×3 meter tent)

    There are products

    (Langya is full of eyes, and there are many types)


    (Large speakers are placed outside)

    Have an interview

    (Negotiation negotiation process)

    There is a deal

    (WeChat or Alipay)


    As an exhibition person

    Let's talk about it today

    "Stall" and "More Professional Stall"

    difference between


    For the convention and exhibition industry, it is already commonplace to arrange booths (booths are also called booths).


    The essence is the same as that of the "land-economy" stalls, all for the purpose of displaying products and seeking transactions, but the effect of exhibition stalls is very different from that of land stalls.


    The exhibition is more than a stall,

    On a larger scale! More Professional! More precise!


    The exhibition brings together businesses of the same type, and the supply of goods is more concentrated. For customers, it is more conducive to horizontal comparison of merchants, and the products of the exhibition are strictly screened and reviewed by the organizing committee, and after-sales issues are also more guaranteed.


    The stalls are mixed, the purchase channels are unknown, and the quality of the goods is uneven. Since there are no fixed booths, the after-sales cannot be guaranteed.


    Exhibitors can also highlight the brand image through decoration, on-site publicity, etiquette reception, etc., attract more buyers to the booth, and experience and interaction are better.


    All aspects of environmental sanitation need to be supervised, otherwise it is easy to appear dirty.


    The exhibition organizing committee will promote through multiple channels and invite a large number of professional visitors to visit the exhibition. At the same time, exhibitors can also invite spectators through their own promotion channels to ensure the flow of people at the booths.


    Ordinary stalls can only "shout" at the stalls, waiting for consumers to visit.


    The vast majority of visitors to the exhibition are buyers within the scope of exhibits, and there is a very strong purchase demand for exhibitors' products.


    Most of the consumers in the stalls come from people passing by, so the source and demand of consumers are very unstable.


    At the exhibition, if the exhibitor can't conclude a transaction with the buyer, they can also seek for trading opportunities through contact and communication after the exhibition.


    Ordinary stalls miss a consumer, which is equivalent to losing this consumer forever.


    After the epidemic, stalls are a good way for residents to increase their income and secure employment. The booth is a good opportunity for manufacturers to explore the market, find customers, brand publicity, and seize business opportunities after the epidemic!


    The question is: what should companies do to get the most benefit from participating in the exhibition?


    1. Understand the exhibition to be participated in as far as possible.

    Estimate the specifications, scale, number of exhibitors, and composition of the exhibition, how many competitors of similar products, and how many demanders of similar products, etc., according to the known situation, make appropriate strategies and personnel adjustments.


    2. The design of the booth and the placement of the items highlight the company's characteristics.

    Even if it is a standard booth, companies need to spend a little more time to plan, design, and operate, so that they can burst out the corporate style, so that customers can understand themselves in the shortest time, identify themselves, and carry out business negotiations for the next step. Lay a good foundation.


    3. Lay a good foundation for publicity before the exhibition.

    Products, business cards, and brochures on display must be prepared. At the same time, a series of tasks to be promoted in the exhibition, such as clothing, events and gifts, should be prepared. In addition, we need to prepare company business cards, dresses and all the necessary items to make full use of various official events during the exhibition.


    4. Before the official opening of the exhibition, formulate work plans and clarify the division of labor.

    We must check whether there is any omission according to the items in the project catalogue, and formulate the emergency situation handling guide, service guide, question and answer guide, etc., and detail the work content and scope of the participants. According to the ability and experience of the exhibitors, assignment of work tasks, business negotiation, external contact, logistics support, exhibition information collection, etc., everything should be specific to the person, the primary and secondary, so that the division of labor and cooperation in the exhibition can complement each other.


    5. Send invitations to new and old customers.

    In the process of preparing for the exhibition, inviting familiar customers to visit and discuss with the exhibition is undoubtedly a good opportunity for communication, not only to guide business opportunities, but also deepen the feelings. What's more, companies and old customers invite new buyers together, the probability of success will be much higher, and the benefits of the exhibition will be more prominent.



    Professional "street stalls", exhibition people!

    A series of wonderful industry exhibitions

    Actively preparing

    Everyone is welcome to pay attention and participate~



    Exhibition Contact

    Guangdong Chuangcai Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Website: www.couponzatak.com

    Email: Ksoucing@hotmail.com

    Booth consultation:

    +86-18688442002 Miss Guan

    +86-13929572213 Mr. Hou

    Buyer consultation:

    +86-17728196488 (kiky)

    +86-17702083505 (Elaine)

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