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    Ministry of Commerce: Offline physical exhibition cannot be replaced
    Category: 行业动态
    Date: 2020-06-12
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    Author: Ksourcing
    Compared with online exhibitions, offline physical exhibitions have irreplaceable advantages.

    The first "cloud" in the 127th Canton Fair was also the first time such a large-scale online trade fair was held internationally. Will this unconventional move under special circumstances become the norm?

    Zhang Li, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, answered media questions at the online special press conference of the 127th Canton Fair held on June 10.

    He said that in recent years, the development of new technologies such as the Internet and big data has injected new vitality into foreign trade, spawned new modes of trade such as cross-border e-commerce, and provided the possibility of hosting large-scale trade fairs online.

    Holding the 127th Canton Fair online can match different subjects, links and market needs in the trade field, give full play to the advantages of information technology, break through time and space restrictions, reduce intermediate links and reduce the cost of participation.

    Compared with online exhibitions, offline physical exhibitions can realize face-to-face negotiations between enterprises and merchants, on-site sample viewing, trial, and transaction functions. It should be said that merchants have better experience, higher transaction efficiency, and stronger scale effects. They are irreplaceable. Advantage.

    "We will take this Canton Fair as an opportunity to continuously optimize the exhibition mode and further promote the innovation and development of the Canton Fair." Zhang Li introduced that this Canton Fair has also set up online sections for procurement and docking, cross-border e-commerce, and financial services. It is believed that through innovative ways of organizing the Canton Fair, China will send a positive signal to the world that my country will unswervingly expand its opening to the outside world, boost market confidence, and make our contribution to the stability of the world economy.

    Source: Official website of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of Chin

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