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    When the 127th Canton Fair is going online, this exhibition strategy can't help Amway giving you!
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-06-18
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    Author: Ksourcing
    From June 15th to 24th, the 127th Canton Fair was held in the "cloud" to create an online trade event that broke the boundaries of time and space.

    50 online exhibitions are available 24 hours a day, 10×24 hours exclusive live booths for exhibitors are opened, 105 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive trial areas across the country and 6 cross-border e-commerce platform links are online synchronously...On June 15, the 127th Canton Fair In the opening of the "cloud", an online trade event that broke the boundaries of time and space was officially opened. Massive exhibits were moved to the cloud and displayed online during the same period from June 15 to 24.

    ? Overseas buyers can visit the official website of the Canton Fair (www.cantonfair.org.cn) to register for the exhibition.

    ? If you have participated in the Canton Fair, you can log in directly after verifying with the buyer’s certificate, or you can log in with the account of the buyer’s electronic service platform. New users only need to fill in simple personal and corporate information to successfully register.

    ? After logging in, you can find interested exhibitors or exhibits in the search bar on the homepage. Entering the company name and booth number can directly find old friends. When you are interested in the exhibits, you can submit the intention order directly, or you can go to the supply hall to submit the purchase intention order, and the system will match the exhibits for you.

    ? The platform provides instant communication services, which can achieve instant translation between Chinese and English, and communication is barrier-free. You can also initiate appointment talks with exhibitors and use the video for face-to-face communication.

    ? In the live broadcast lobby of the homepage, you can watch the live broadcast, and you can also make an appointment and look back.

    ? Buyers can also invite friends to register for the exhibition through the “i-Invite” exclusive link on the buyer’s service platform.


    This is a meeting of confidence and innovation. The impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic on the global economy and trade continues to show. The overall "cloud" Canton Fair opened, using new technologies to provide opportunities for development of new models and new formats such as online negotiations, online exhibitions, live broadcasts, and cross-border e-commerce. Build a trade and economic cooperation platform for global merchants.

    The Canton Fair's new official website has five major sections including exhibitors' exhibits, news and events, global supply and procurement docking, conference services, and cross-border e-commerce zones. Through full-time and space-time, strong interactive online promotion, live marketing, supply and procurement docking, and online negotiation, Exhibitors provide a brand-new exhibition experience, integrating online display, promotion, supply and procurement docking, online negotiation, etc. into a one-stop all-weather online hosting new model.

    Cantonese world, open China. "Cloud" at the Canton Fair, cloud "Unicom", open "doors", open "channels", enter the global market with a new attitude, find a new development stage for various industries, and write a new level for building a higher level of open economic new system Chapter!

    Comprehensive Dayang.com, Guangdong release, Canton Fair micro news, CCTV, Guangdong Provincial People's Government portal and other reports

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