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    The 45th China National Expo (Guangzhou) Grand Opening
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-07-30
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    Author: 广东跨采
    On July 27, the 45th China National Expo (Guangzhou) officially opened in the Canton Fair Complex.


    On July 27th, the 45th China National Expo (Guangzhou) officially opened in the Canton Fair Complex. The exhibition scale was nearly 300,000 square meters and there were 1565 exhibitors.

    This exhibition still maintains a super large-scale and relatively complete industrial chain. It is the first super-large-scale whole-industry chain national furniture expo in China this year. It uses the three districts of the Canton Fair Pavilion A, B, and C. The "first choice" function helps the industry's recovery and development.



    On the one hand, many industry leading brands at the exhibition site will bring new products to the show, and a hundred companies will hold new product launch activities at the exhibition, focusing on displaying the industry’s cutting-edge new designs, new processes, new technologies and new concepts, leading the industry to accelerate in the post-epidemic era Upgrade.


    On the other hand, in order to respond to the country’s policy of expanding domestic demand and to meet the needs of the domestic home furnishing market, this year’s Home Fair will optimize domestic sales hot topics, focusing on current industry hotspots and outlets such as design, intelligence, health, elderly care, and balcony customization. It has approved industry-leading smart office companies, and introduced a number of smart electric bed products, Internet mattress e-commerce companies, etc. to better meet the ever-evolving consumer demand in the market.


    Entrusted by the organizing committee, Guangdong Ksourcing is responsible for the invitation of international buyers for this exhibition, and organized invitations from Japan, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Hungary, Russia, Vietnam, the United States, Turkey, Arabia, Singapore, Morocco, Pakistan, Buyers and traders from more than 20 countries in China, including the Czech Republic, Spain, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Indonesia, Argentina, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine, Brazil, Bangladesh, France, Bulgaria, etc., visited and purchased at the conference. The procurement needs were concentrated in civilian furniture, office furniture, In the three major areas of equipment and ingredients, the intentional purchase of civilian furniture exceeds 200 million yuan.

    At the same time, centering on the development strategy of "innovation-driven and design-led", this year's home fair will focus on two themed exhibitions, "2030+ International Future Office Exhibition" and "'Spring of Design' Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition". , To hold the "2020 Global Furniture Industry Trends Conference" to help the industry develop. There will also be more than 30 high-end, high-quality fashion displays, design forums, trend releases, etc., including the Bay Area Urban Design Exhibition, CIFF Designers' Material Study Work Camp, and My Dad is a Designer, bringing together well-known designers and cutting-edge designers in the industry Designers build a direct and efficient communication channel for designers and exhibitors, and establish an interactive communication ecosystem exclusively for designers.


    In terms of continuing to deepen the digital functions of the exhibition, this year's exhibition broke through space constraints, linked multiple traffic platforms, and used the three major online traffic portals of short video, mobile and PC to lay out online exhibitions to create high traffic, strong interaction, and multiple benefits. The “Cloud House Fair” cloud exhibition, through cloud live broadcast, cloud promotion, cloud exhibition hall, cloud talk, cloud forum, etc., brings the same wonderful online and offline exhibition platform to better help the industry gather momentum and empower . This exhibition will last until the 30th of this month.

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