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    The 3rd Central Plains International Cultural Tourism Industry Expo
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-10-22
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    Author: 广东跨采
    On September 14, the 3rd Central Plains International Cultural Tourism Industry Expo was successfully concluded in Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center.

    On September 14, the 3rd Central Plains International Cultural Tourism Industry Expo was successfully concluded in Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center. In just three days, the Expo received 78,000 citizens and tourists, and the total on-site transactions reached 71.6 million yuan. The rich exhibits at home and abroad and the diversified methods of exhibitions, exhibitions, and live broadcasts have brought splendor to guests and friends at home and abroad. A splendid cultural feast.

    Based in Luoyang, looking at the world. This international, market-oriented, specialized, and industrialized expo will help Luoyang build a comprehensive platform for exhibitions, exchanges and transactions in the cultural tourism industry across the province and even across the country, attracting domestic and foreign cultural and tourism enterprises to participate in, exchange, and cooperate. It is a concerto of cultural integration, mutual learning between civilizations, and cultural integration.

    Cultural feast,
    Get together

    "The fair at our door is really good. It has gathered so many international and domestic cultural and tourism exhibits. It is worth visiting!" The 14th is the last day of the fair. Wang Xiao, a citizen who came to visit the fair, described this "international style" Like the Expo.

    It can be seen at the scene, whether in international cultural tourism exhibition areas such as Thailand and Germany, or cultural tourism exhibition areas along the Yellow River provinces (regions) such as Ningxia and Shandong, or in the intangible cultural heritage exhibition areas, citizens and tourists who visit, consult, and purchase Always in an endless stream.

    From 12th to 14th, the 3rd Central Plains International Cultural Tourism Industry Expo with the theme of "Cultural Tourism Central Plains Integrating the World" was grandly held in Luoyang City, attracting 152 cultural tourism enterprises from 30 countries and regions including Germany, Thailand, and Russia. Participating with 366 domestic cultural tourism companies. Various distinctive products and cultures from all over the world collide and blend here.

    "This expo highlights internationalization and regional integration, and is committed to building a broader platform." The relevant person in charge of this expo introduced that compared with the previous two expos, this expo added the word "international". In the international cultural tourism exhibition area, countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" exhibited more than 2,000 products in more than 30 categories, including traditional arts and crafts, creative design works, cultural and tourism characteristic products, and strengthened the modern expression of Luoyang’s history and culture and the international expression of Heluo culture .

    At the same time, this expo invites nine provinces (regions) along the Yellow River in Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, and Shandong to showcase the culture of the Yellow River, characteristic cultural tourism products and scenic routes. ) The symposium on the integration and development of urban cultural and tourism industries will promote the construction of an open, inclusive, cooperative and win-win regional linkage development model, promote the deep integration of cultural tourism along the Yellow River, and jointly tell the "Yellow River Story".

    Luoyang Elements,
    Enhance the exhibition stage

    Exquisitely designed cultural and creative products such as white jade cup wine vessel, canal sail award picture, Luoning bamboo weaving, Xin'an county purple sand pot and other characteristic cultural tourism products, Luoyang Haishen music, Heluo drum and other intangible cultural projects... As the host of the expo, Luoyang City has fully demonstrated its profound history and culture, presented three-dimensionally the results of the deep integration of the cultural and tourism industry, and polished the golden sign of Luoyang's cultural and tourism integration.

    "This time we exhibited eight series of self-developed cultural and creative products. Among them, the'Canal Silk Road Culture' series, the'Yellow River Culture' series, and the'He Luo Culture' series were all exhibited in public for the first time, attracting citizens and tourists. "Luoyang gift exhibition area," said the relevant person in charge of the Luoyang gift exhibition area. The Luoyang gift exhibition at this expo is divided into three categories: "Luoyang gift cultural creation", "Heluoyuan farming", "Heluo Shangpin·Central Plains creation" Products, specialty agricultural and sideline products, and well-known tourism products are promoted through the Expo platform to expand the brand awareness of "Luoyang Gifts".

    In the exhibition area of "Holuo Land", relevant persons in charge of various counties (cities) and districts took to the battle to promote characteristic cultural and tourism products to interpret the unique charm of the new era of Luoyang's "Ancient and Modern Glory, Poetry and Faraway" for citizens and tourists .

    At this Expo, citizens and tourists can not only "chop their hands" at the scene, but also "spike" through online live broadcast. In the "Huiju Central Plains·Enjoy Life" live delivery event, Luoyang local well-known radio hosts, cultural and tourism recommendation officers, etc. walked into the live broadcast room to promote Luoyang cultural tourism resources and star products, creating one after another "Luoyang explosion". paragraph".

    Polish cultural business cards, call cultural brands, stimulate tourism enthusiasm, and retain the memory of the ancient capital... This cultural and tourism expo has become a window to showcase Luoyang's rich cultural heritage and the brilliance of ancient and modern.

    Fruitful results,

    Brighten the golden sign

    "Our main exhibits such as biscuits and oatmeal have been sold out, showing the expo's powerful'fan-absorbing' effect." At noon on the 14th, Tang Jingwen, an exhibitor in the Malaysian Pavilion, was busy greeting citizens and tourists to scan the QR code and place orders online. As the first fair to participate in this year, she was very surprised by the sales performance this time. "I look forward to meeting again with this international and professional exhibition platform." She said.

    Wang Caihong, the head of the cloth tiger intangible cultural heritage project of Zhumadian Pavilion in the exhibition area of "Chumadian" exhibition area is the third time to participate. This expo impressed her deeply: "The holding of this expo is very meaningful. It not only showcases our many intangible cultural heritage projects in Henan, To make the traditional culture more grounded, and more importantly, to show the image of Henan today, so that the characteristics of Henan cultural tourism can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people."

    "The exhibition at the doorstep is getting more and more intimate." Citizen Xu Li said in an interview that the opening hours of this Expo have been extended to 9 pm, making it more convenient for citizens who go to work during the day to view the exhibition.

    "The exhibits are very rich, and the performance from morning to night is indeed a worthwhile trip!" "I haven't watched enough, haven't played enough, haven't come for nothing!" ... Many citizens and tourists sighed sincerely after visiting the exhibition. Everyone said that the Expo not only demonstrated the remarkable results of Luoyang's deep integration of cultural tourism, but also ignited everyone's expectations for a better life in the future.

    Through this grand event, the ancient capital met an "international style", and the nine provinces (regions) along the Yellow River spoke out the "Yellow River Story" at the same frequency, further expanded the "Luoyang Circle of Friends", and innovatively empowered the "Ancient Capital New Life "...In just three days, this Expo will release suppressed and frozen consumer demand.

    Statistics show that this Expo received 78,000 citizens and tourists, an increase of 47% year-on-year; the on-site transaction amount reached 71.6 million yuan, an increase of 15.5% year-on-year. The number of visitors to the exhibition online exceeded 14 million, and the amount of orders placed through live broadcasts reached 2.8 million yuan, and a total of 3.76 billion yuan was signed with the intention to contract online and offline.

    Although the event has ended, the development is at the right time. Luoyang Cultural Tourism is opening a new "imagination space", inviting guests from all over the world to share "poems and distant places"!

    2020 3rd Central Plains International Culture

    The Tourism Industry Expo has ended,

    But it's more exciting,

    Looking forward to seeing us again in 2021!

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    Next: The 28th Guangzhou Expo will be grandly opened at the end of August.
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