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    The world's first online tire show, the 2020 Guangrao tire show is here!
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-10-23
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    Author: 广东跨采
    The 11th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire and Auto Parts Online Exhibition (China GRTAE) was grandly opened on September 8.

    "Branding in the world, quality wins the future", the 11th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire and Auto Parts Online Exhibition (China GRTAE) will be grandly opened on September 8.

    After ten years of development and cultivation, Guangrao International Tire Show has become an industry-leading international exhibition with global attention. Every year in May, tire people from all over the world gather in Guangrao at the same time to showcase their style, communicate and negotiate cooperation. The annual Guangrao International Tire Show is a major event in the tire industry.

    Stay at home to watch Guangrao Tire Show


    Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the quarantine policies of various countries, global tire transactions have declined severely and corporate operations are facing severe challenges. Guangrao Tire Exhibition adheres to the mission of revitalizing the development of the tire industry, keeps abreast of the industry situation, the difficulties and problems existing in the company, quickly optimizes services, and uses the latest domestic 5G, artificial intelligence, big data technology, etc., to launch the world's first tire online exhibition. Build a docking platform with the most online companies, the largest scale, and the highest level, so that companies and traders can achieve precise demand matching without leaving home, and create a new model of digital transactions.

    It is understood that this online exhibition covers two parts, one is the online exhibition hall plane display, and the other is the online live broadcast of the online exhibition.

    1、Online showroom that is not closed 24 hours

    The online showroom was launched on May 15th, with more than 200 online companies, including 20 global tire 75 and world 500 companies.

    Online exhibition hall address: www.chinagrtae.com


    The online exhibition hall is built with the official website of the Tire Show as the carrier, and realizes the functions of corporate promotion, exhibits display, and classified retrieval in the form of pictures, texts and videos.


    Tire buyers can use the online exhibition hall to display the company profile of the exhibiting company, the introduction of the main products, and the interactive communication with the company, inquiry and consultation, and it is more convenient to purchase suitable tire products.

    2、3 days 18 hours more than 30 companies live online


    This Guangrao exhibition will cooperate with the mainstream media of the rubber tire industry "Cars and Wheels" to build an integrated platform for simultaneous live broadcast on the PC and mobile terminals using the official website of the tire exhibition and WeChat public accounts, headlines, Douyin, etc., for the majority of tires Enterprises, distributors, stores and other users bring the most complete, up-to-date and in-depth live broadcast reports.


    At that time, more than 30 leading companies and top executives of industry giants will live broadcast online to meet with you. The live guest will give you an in-depth explanation of the company's advantages, highlight products, preferential policies and other topics closely related to tire people.

    You can also ask the guests in real time online to achieve precise matching of needs. At the same time, there are rich prizes and benefits for everyone at the live broadcast!

    High-end negotiation, build a new platform for trade exchanges


    In order to facilitate enterprises to achieve precise dialogue and open up the international market, this year's Guangrao Tire Exhibition will also hold online launching ceremonies, online industry forums, and overseas promotion of online tire brands.


    1、Many online tire industry forums launched


    During the same period of the exhibition, the organizer held the 5th Dongying Rubber Tire and Auto Parts Industry High-end Talent Fair and the 2nd Guangrao County Science and Technology Forum with the theme of "promoting technological innovation and leading transformation and upgrading".

    The two high-end forums open up information exchange channels, share technology and dry goods, solve practical problems in production and scientific research, explore the concept of brand value management, take the pulse of industrial development, solve problems in industrial development and enterprise transformation and upgrading, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading and new and old momentum Conversion.

    2、Cooperate with multiple countries to hold overseas online promotion of Chinese tire brands


    On August 18, September 8, and September 10, the organizers respectively invited representatives of overseas merchants and key enterprises from Pakistan, ASEAN, Mexico and other countries and regions to hold overseas online promotion of Chinese tire brands.

    Strive to break the ice against the current in the global tire export market, break through the geographical restrictions, realize the in-depth docking between the two sides of the trade, increase consensus, and inject the "cardiotonic agent" for the next step of strengthening cooperation and achieving win-win development.

    With a brand-new exhibition experience, exciting online activities, and efficient matchmaking negotiations, the Guangrao Online Tire Show allows tire business to be reached at a touch and unlimited business opportunities!

    From September 8th to 10th, let us gather in the cloud and share new opportunities for development!

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