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    Live broadcast ecology, a joint creation by the whole people | 2020 Guangzhou International Live Bro
    Category: 展会动态
    Date: 2020-11-06
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    Author: 广东跨采
    Welcome to Guangzhou International Live Broadcast Industry Expo on December 25-27



    Organizers: China International Beauty Expo, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export

    Organizers: Global Trade Service (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Ksourcing Exhibition Co., Ltd


    Time and Place

    Time: December 25-27, 2020

    Venue: Guangzhou·China Import and Export Fair Complex, Hall B


    Exhibition Introduction

    In the first year of live broadcast in 2020, based in the live broadcast capital of Guangzhou, under the guidance of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Guangzhou International Live Broadcast Industry Expo, with the theme of "live broadcast ecology, co-creation by all people", blew the vigorous development of China's manufacturing industry into the live broadcast channel. Create a live broadcast ecosystem for the entire industry chain, with the five themes of "direct access to the 2021 Dubai World Expo, direct supply of beauty cosmetics, explosive supply chain, import and export department store boutiques, and high-quality live broadcast service providers" to create a "beauty theme pavilion + department store boutique theme pavilion" +The three major exhibition halls of "live channel service theme pavilions" realize four transaction forms of B2B, B2C, B2B2C and C2M, and build a one-stop live broadcast resource sharing platform for the entire industry.


    Live broadcast ecology, all people create together

    Exhibition area 30000㎡

    High-quality brands 1000+

    MCN institutions 300

    Supply chain factory 500+

    Precise buyers 100000+

    Online and offline live broadcast matchmaking meeting 500+

    Professional forums and competitions over 40 games

    E-commerce platform 500+

    KOL/KOC 10000+


    Live Broadcasting City & Made in China

    Guidance of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce

    Powerful joint resource sharing, government + association organization + platform + anchor + business, help promote the state to become a live broadcast capital.

    31 years of exhibition experience precipitation

    The founder of the Guangzhou International Live Broadcast Industry Expo is the organizer of the China International Beauty Expo. It has been 31 years since the establishment of the Beauty Expo. The annual exhibition area exceeds one million square meters and the annual exhibition visitors exceed 2.5 million.

    Based in China's manufacturing capital

    More than 300 Fortune 500 companies and more than 60% of China's manufacturing plants are located in Guangzhou, the strongest supply chain gathering place.


    New highlights of the Expo


    There are more than a thousand categories of exhibits, and the depth and breadth of participating institutions and Internet celebrities are broadened.


    Exhibition linkage, one-stop connection of traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading, and on-site integration of ten new channels: live e-commerce, short video e-commerce, group purchase e-commerce, social e-commerce, self-media e-commerce, content e-commerce, etc.


    Participating companies can participate in no less than 10 corporate trainings before the show, and live broadcast delivery/brand promotion/net celebrity incubation.


    Direct access to the 2021 World Expo, special competition areas in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Internet celebrity anchors and platform organizations compete on the same stage, the winner will participate in the 2021 Dubai World Expo, and the honorary certificate will be awarded on the spot.


    Gather the national manufacturing bases and Internet celebrity bases, remove the middlemen, and seamlessly connect the on-site brand, platform institutions, and supply chain to achieve the professional upgrade of traditional manufacturing.


    Over 40 professional supporting activities at the same time, direct transmission of supply chain finance, Internet celebrity management, investment and financing, IP authorization and other live broadcast industry dry goods.


    Three characteristic theme pavilions


    直播渠道服务主题馆    B区9.3馆

    Live e-commerce platform, MCN organization, live broadcast network celebrity organization, live broadcast base, live broadcast technology and equipment, original design and creative products, IP authorization, supply chain services, and the exhibition area for selected national trend products.


    美妆主题馆    B区10.3馆

    Skin care, color cosmetics, facial masks, perfumes, beauty tools, oral care, personal care, omni-channel care and other beauty cosmetics, beauty cosmetics and explosives supply chain.


    百货精品主题馆    B区11.3馆

    Business gifts, fashionable meals and kitchens, smart home appliances, mobile electronics, fast-moving consumer goods, food, toys, home gifts, apparel and underwear, health products, mothers and babies.


    Five characteristic themes



    There are more than 100 vertical sub-categories of the beauty industry, and thousands of factories are directly connected to the site.



    Strictly select live broadcast premium products, tens of thousands of good products can be selected on site.



    By scanning the entire industry, high-quality KOL/KOC and MCN institutions have been selected, and they have the opportunity to enter the award-winning stage of the 2021 Dubai World Expo.



    Easily purchase global boutique department stores.



    Over a hundred software, equipment, logistics, warehousing, education and training and other supporting third-party service providers and MCN institutions are accurately connected on site.


    Exhibition activities

    Over 40 professional themed activities

    ?? Vertical Content Forum
    • Live e-commerce industry policy release
    • Live broadcast e-commerce personnel certificated to work norms released
    • Guangzhou Live Broadcast Industry Development Forum
    • The 6th Global Entrepreneurship Conference (Guangzhou Station Live Industry Summit)
    • Live E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Forum
    • Live e-commerce/host selection industry white paper released
    • Live Streaming Industry Supply Chain Financial Investment Matchmaking Conference

    ?? Contest and awards
    • China Live E-commerce Cargo Contest
    • Direct access to World Expo NMCN live broadcast organization selection activities
    • Direct access to World Expo e-commerce anchor selection activities
    • Award Ceremony of Chinese Influential Brand NMCN Institution
    • China's premium e-commerce anchor award ceremony
    • International Net Red Talent Award
    • International Short Video Content Creation Competition
    • China Live Streaming Entrepreneur Competition
    • Brand spokesperson live broadcast contest

    ?? Carnival
    • Tide play live carnival carnival
    • Domestic products beauty live broadcast festival
    • Super Brand & Super Hot Products Promotion Conference
    • Live celebrity fan meeting
    • Hairdressing Unbounded Art Trend Show
    • Youpin Hot Products Live Global Purchase
    • Guangdong Beauty Salon Industry Association Annual Meeting
    • Live Explosive Supply Chain Order Meeting
    • Live community resource matchmaking meeting


    Precise invitation to over 100,000 buyers

    • 100,000+ new e-commerce channel practitioners
    • 1000+ new channel leaders
    • 3000+ import and export cross-border e-commerce platforms and e-commerce platform big sellers
    • 1000+ high-quality brands and agents
    • 1000+MCN institutions
    • 1000+KOL, live broadcast expert, internet celebrity anchor
    • 500+ e-commerce parks, creative parks, live broadcast industry bases
    • 500+ traditional B2B trading companies, brick-and-mortar retailers, traditional distributors/brands and other e-commerce departments
    • Over 100 third-party agency operation companies, software operation companies, live broadcast training and other platform service providers


    Ten new channels on-site docking

    • MCN agency
    • New retail platform
    • Content platform
    • Electronic business platform
    • Training institution
    • Data Technology Vendor
    • Acting service provider
    • Social platforms
    • Live broadcast platform
    • Technical Service Provider

    Exhibition Contact

    GuangDong ksourcing exhibition co.LTD


    Room 3205-3207, Block E, Poly World Trade Center, 1022 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

    Exhibitor consultation:

    Miss guan 18688442002

    Mr hou 13929572213

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