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Company profile


    Guangdong Ksourcing Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, specializing in the overall planning and undertaking of large-scale government exhibitions and conferences,international pavilion / national pavilion group exhibition investment, online and offline exhibitions and fairs planning and execution, foreign buyers invitation and fairs organization ,to build its own brand EldExpo ChinaInternational Senior Care and Health Industry Expo and M-Expo Guangzhou Medical and Health Industry Expo, to hold the "One Belt and One Road"cultural tourism & import and export commodities national tour exhibition, to provide customers with home operation, special booth design and construction and city overseas promotion One-stop international exhibition comprehensive services such as investment promotion, business inspection, etc.

    The company has established strategic cooperative relations with nearly 100 official institutions and business associations at home and abroad around the world, and established perennial cooperative relations with national and industry top exhibitions such as the Canton Fair, ASEAN Expo, Hi-Tech Fair, Home Expo, and Cultural Expo, providing rich,diverse, comprehensive Convention and exhibition solutions, covering government integration, technology, culture, tourism, medical care, health care, cross-border,consumption and other fields.

【Company culture】

vision: Let the world have no difficult exhibitions

Company goal: a leading international comprehensive service provider for the exhibition

Enterprise mission: organize an exhibition well, invigorate a city, promote an industry

Entrepreneurship: Professionalism, Integrity, Efficiency ,Win-win

Corporate slogan: Cross all areas Integrate all industries Show the world See the future

【Development History】

Start up  2009-2011

Formerly known as China International Trade Association Guangzhou CenterChina

Import and Export Fair Online Member Service Center

In 2010, Guangzhou Ksourcing Business Service Co., Ltd. was established

Acting as an agent for the official website of the Canton Fair, advertisements in the exhibition catalog and reception services

Hold Sino-foreign Economic and Trade Forum and Buyer's Fair for 6 consecutive sessions, and organize Canton Fair buyers to go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Zhongshan, Foshan, Yiwu and other places to purchase

Development 2012-2016

Changed its name to Guangdong Ksourcing Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Overall planning and undertaking of large-scale government and industry exhibitions & conferences, participating in nearly 30 national-level exhibitions such as Canton Fair, Hi-Tech Fair, East Expo, West Expo, China Fair, etc., international pavilion group exhibition investment invitation and international buyer invitation reception services.

2012-2021 Organize International Pavillion of China(Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo for 10 years, and be responsible for the invitation of foreign buyers and the organization of negotiation meetings

2015-2017 Undertook the China (Yunfu) Stone Culture Festival

2012-2021 Hosted the International Pavilion of Guangzhou Expo

2013-2015 Hosted the International Pavilion of China Ocean Economy Expo

Brand  2017-2021

Create its own brand EldExpo China International Senior Care and Health Industry Expo, and tour in Guangzhou, Xiaogan, Luoyang, Xi'an, Hong Kong, Macau and other places

Organizing the "Belt and Road" and RCEP imported goods tour exhibition, responsible for the investment promotion of the International Pavilion of the China International Import Expo, the ASEAN Expo, the West Expo, the Consumer Expo, the Yiwu Import Exhibition,the Wenzhou Import Exhibition, and the Linyi International Pavilion

2018-2021 Executive host of the Central Plains International Cultural Tourism Industry Expo

2019-2021 Consecutive Zhuzhongjiang Import and Export Commodities Fair

2021 Host the first China (Jiangmen) Food Industry Expo

Explore 2022

Create independent brand M-Expo Guangzhou Medical and Health Industry Expo

Committed to becoming an international leading comprehensive service provider for the exhibition industry Research and develop independent cloud exhibition system and green exhibition platform to create an online and offline ecosystem of "exhibition +" and "industry +" vertical industries

【data statistics】

Serving global countries:30+

Organize procurement matchmaking meeting every year:100+

Business coverage City:40+

Annual service exhibitors:5000+

Undertake exhibition activities every year:50+

Annual exhibition area:200000+㎡