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    Hosting international gov exhibitions & forums

    Service Content:

    Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. integrates the resources of various government departments, foreign business associations and local industrial clusters, and utilizes its own cooperation resources to unite the major exhibition organizing committees to plan and undertake large-scale “Chinese and foreign trade and economic negotiations, project docking, promotion negotiations and friendship. The Economic and Trade Forum and the International Sourcing Fair are aimed at creating a high-end Chinese-foreign economic and trade exchange platform and procurement docking platform for both Chinese and foreign parties.

    Service purposes:

    Build an economic and trade cooperation service platform to explore business opportunities for Sino-foreign economic and trade cooperation

    Service advantage:

    1. Recruiting Chinese and foreign economic and trade experts as consultants, gathering a group of talents who are familiar with international trade theory and conventions and exhibitions, and have professional international exhibition and event planning and execution teams;

    2. Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. is the director, vice president and member unit of several industry associations, including the governing unit of China International Trade Association, the member of China International Chamber of Commerce, and the vice president unit of Guangzhou President;

    3. Had been held in Guangzhou, Beijing, Foshan, Hong Kong, Yiwu, Changsha and other large-scale exhibitions for several consecutive sessions; each session attracted nearly 1,000 Chinese and foreign buyers and manufacturing companies to attend;

    4. Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. services to 30+ countries around the world, covering 40+ domestic cities, hosting 50+ exhibitions every year, organizing 60+ field procurement matching meetings every year, serving 3,000+ exhibitors per year, receiving 15,000+ overseas Buyers.

    Service Case
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    • Central Plains Cultural Tourism Industry Expo
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